(Given a few minutes before the naval battle of Santiago de cuba)
(Contributed by Eduardo Moral)

"Crewmen of my Squadron!
The solemn moment of fighting has come. The sacred name of Spain and the Glorious honor of her flag so demands. I want you to assist me in this rendezvous with the enemy dressed in our full-dress uniforms.

I know my order has surprised you because of its inadequacy but its the uniform which spanish sailors dress in the great solemnities and I do not believe that there is a more solemn time than that when a soldier is going to die for his fatherland.

The enemy covets our old and glorious hulls. They have sent the whole power of their young navy against us so as to achieve this goal, but they will be only able to take the splinters of our ships, and they will be only be able to take our sables from us when, as corpses, we remain floating in this waters which belonged and belongs to spain. My sons, the enemy is superior to us in strength but they are not in courage. Hoist the flag and surrender no ship. Crewmen of my squadron, up with Spain!

Sound the trumpet for the combat. May god receive our souls."


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