The "America" Nr. 14 Infantry Regiment

Contributed by Francisco Jose Diaz Diaz


This unit served in central Cuba during the Spanish American War


This regiment had two battalions and one Staff detachment. Each battalion had 20 officers and 326 men during peacetime; In war, each battalion increased to 39 officers and 903 men.

Size of Regiment: 83 officers, 1808 men.

Losses: Not known

Location of service: 1st battalion: Cuba. 2nd battalion: Spain.

Actions: No actions against American forces. Actions against Cuban forces unknown.


Infantry Regiment "America" was created in 1764 to serve in the Spanish colonies in America during the wars against England and Portugal. Originally it was known as "Regimiento Real de America" and was sent to Veracruz, Mexico. The unit was under the command of Colonel D. Miguel Porcel y Manrique.

Over time, thename of the unit changed. In 1765 the designation  was changed to Regimiento de América  and again in 1768 to Regimiento de América nr 33. In this same year, the unit was transferred back to Spain. In 1814 the unit's designation was again changed to Regimiento de Infantería América nr 28 and in 1833 to Regimiento de Infantería de Linea America nr 14 .

Before the Cuban War, this regiment was based in Spain. Its served in the  "6ª  Región Militar" (6th Military District). When the War against the Cuban rebels began, the Spanish Minister of War, General Azcarraga, ordered that a number of Spanish regiments be sent to Cuba, with regiments coming from the various battalions. By the Royal Order of Campaign, in June, 8, 1895, ten infantry regiments were ordered to send one battalion to Cuba. The battalion sent by "America" infantry Regiment 14 was its first Battalion. The total number of men in the battalion was 942, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel José Guido Santana.

When this Battalion arrived at Cuba was sent to Sancti Spiritus in central Cuba and brigaded into  2nd brigade, 2nd Division, 2nd Corps. It was stationed at Remedios, close to Santi Spiritus.

This battalion included:

Staff Detachment: 1 Lieutenant Colonel, 2  comandantes (major in US Army), 2 captains, 1 alferez (2nd lieutenant in US Army) for carrying the regimental flag, 2 medical doctors (officers), 1 chaplain (officer),  1 sergeant, 1 cornet corporal and 1 gunsmith

6 companies, with each company having 1 captain, 3 lieutenants, 1 alferez (2nd lieutenant in US Army), 5 sergeants, 8 corporals, 4 cornets, 4 soldiers of 1st class (veterans) and 129 soldiers of 2nd class.

After the war, in 1936, the unit was redesignated as as Regimiento de Infantería America nr 23. In 1951, it was again redesignated, this time as as Regimiento de cazadores de Montaña nº 7 (Mountain troops) . Since 1966, it is the Regimiento Cazadores de Montaña América nº 66 from 1966

The unit was involved in many other actions, including the following:

War against England (1765-1771): Battle of Puebla de los Angeles (1766)

War against England during American Revolution (1777-1783):  reconquest of Minorica (Balearic Islands) in 1781 and Gibraltar Siege in 1782.

War against France during French Revolution (1793-1795):  Actions of Hendaya, San Juan de Luz, Pignon Castle, Monte Mendale, Alcobeta-Alta

War against Portugal (1801): Siege of Campo Mayor

War against England (1797-1802): Defence of Santa Cruz de Tenerife against Admiral Nelson's Fleet in 1797 and defence of Cadiz in 1800

Spanish Independence War against Napoleon (1808-1814) Battles of Vich, Bruch and Alcañiz, defences of Zaragoza, Tarragona and Mequinenza, actions of Castalla, Villena, Yecla and Borrotita, sieges of Morella, Denia and Barcelona.

Independence Wars of Hispanic America (1814-1826): Conquest  and defence of Montevideo (Uruguay)

First Carlist War (1833-1841): Battle of Percamps, actions of Hostal de Bisbe, Forsanet, San Cayetano, Ermita de Organyá, Bañolas, Manresa, Ripoll, San Quirce de Basora, Hostal de Boix and Manlleu.

War against Morocco (1859-1860): Battles of Samsa and Tetuan

3th Carlist War (1872-1876) Actions of Ridaura, Sellera, San Pedro de Osor, Virgen de Coll, San Babur, Puigcerdá, Vich, Barcelona and Bañolas.

Cuban Independence War (1895-1898) Actions of Barajuana, Protero de la Hanilla, El Corradillo, Lomas de Macanal and Sancti-Spiritus.

African Campaing (1921-1924) Actions of Ain-Gorra, Feddan Yebel, Zania de Sidi Isef and Mexerah.

Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) Guipuzcoa, Navarra, Santander, Guadalajara, Toledo, Teruel and Lérida fronts


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