The 52nd Iowa Volunteer Infantry Returns from Furlough

Contributed by Judy Landauer


The following is an article from the Webster City, Iowa newspaper, The Freeman, dated October 12, 1898. It concerns the 52 Iowa Volunteer Infantry returning from furlough.

The 52nd Iowa Volunteer Infantry was mustered into service on May 25, 1898 at Des Moines, Iowa. At the time, it consisted of 50 officers and 822 enlisted men. The unit grew to include 49 officers and 1,235 enlisted men. The unit never saw service outside of the continental United States, and was mustered out of service on October 30 1898, also at Des Moines, Iowa.

During the unit's term of service, it lost one officer and 35 enlisted men to disease with four more enlisted men being discharged for reasons of disability. One enlisted man deserted.

The Article:


"After enjoying a thirty days furlough, the Fifty-Second Iowa regiment is again quartered at Camp McKinley.  Early yesterday morning the troops began arriving, and at 7 O'clock last evening the last company reached the grounds and and went into camp."

"The companies were assigned to the same quarters they occupied when they returned from the South.  The barns have been overhauled and made comfortable for the expected cold weather.  Two large Sibley stoves have been placed in each barn and extra bedding provided."

"So far as can be determined, the regiment will not leave here before October 30.  There was a general impression among the men who arrived that they would not be kept here over a week, but Captian OLMSTED has informed the war department the services for the paymaster for this regiment will not be needed before the last of the month, and it is certain the boys will not get away before they get their pay.  Many are of the opinion that the work ahead of the officers will delay the regiment beyond October 30 but every effort will be made to complete the work by that time.--Des Moines Leader, Oct 12."


The Freeman, 12 October, 1898 (Webster City)

Statistical Exhibit of Strength of Volunteer Forces Called into Service During the War with Spain; with Losses from All Causes. (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1899).

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