A Roster of the

51st Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company M

Contributed by Lori Fortner

Below is a roster of the 51st Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company M.  Mustered into service in the late spring of 1898, the unit was sent to San Francisco, and from there to the Philippines, where the unit arrived on December 16, 1898. The Spanish-American War had ended on December 10, 1898 with the Treaty of Paris. The unit saw action in the Philippine-American War, which began on February 4, 1899.

Many of those listed in the roster were from Red Oak, Iowa.

The Roster:


Capt. Jesse W. Clark
1st Lt. Harry W. French
2nd Lt. Guy E. Logan


1st Sgt. John J. Shuey
Sgt. Charles. B Rose
Sgt. Carl Austin
Sgt Owen Hawkins
Sgt Henry Nordquist


Corp. Ed Logan
Corp. Ed M. Rose
Corp. Will H. Hiett
Corp. Will J. Jeffers
Lance Corp. Resolve Palmer
Lance Corp. Harry Cook


Muscian J. H. Kastman
Musician Ivan Elwood


Cook Ed Pitner
Cook Charles Wheeler


C. E. Arnold,  Clarinda
Binns, Chas. L., NY
Blue, Lee
Bolish, Fred
Briggs, Guy
Byers, Mont.
DeFrehn, Will
Evans, Evan J.
Fisher, Jesse C.
Gassner, Roy E.
Gillmore, John D.
Hallett, Adrian
Hysham, Verni
Ingram, F. Corydon
Jens, Chas
Jones, George
Kerrihard, Geo. M.
Kerrihard, W. R.
Lane, E E
Logan, Jas. M.
Lumb, Clarence
Lyon, J.F.
Markey, Jos I
Martin E. W., Clarinda, Iowa
Merritt, E. A.
Miller, M. S.
Moulton, Morse, St. Louis, MO
Murphy, Chas. H.
Nicoll, W. E.
Pace, E.O
Rathbone, E. D.
Reichow, Paul
Richards, Carl
Rogers, L. E.
Ross, Lloyd
Ross, Will
Smith, F. A.
Smith, Harry
Stafford C. A., Omaha, NE
Stevens, Harry
Swenson, H.L
Thomas, Bert
Throw, Etna
Throw, J. Frank
Tyson, Otis
Windsor, J. M.
Wolfe,, Frank
Zuber, Thos.

Regimental Staff:

Lane, H. C.  Regimental Commisary
Nixson, E. J. Sgt. Major
Young, Russell M. Hospital corps.


Markey, Joseph, "From Iowa to the Philippines a History of Company M. Fifty-First Iowa Infantry Volunteers"

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