The Roster of the 4th Virginia Volunteer Infantry

Contributed by Kathleen Simmons

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The Fourth Virginia Volunteer Infantry was mustered into service between May 9 and May 25, 1898, at Richmond, Virginia. Initially, the unit consisted of 954 men and 44 officers, but the unit swelled to eventually consist of 1,588 men and 57 officers. By October, 1898, the unit was stationed at Jacksonville, Florida's "Camp Cuba Libre," serving as part of the Department of the Gulf. On December 19, 1898, nine days after the war officially ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris, the unit steamed for Cuba to serve as part of the occupation forces. The 4th Virginia arrived at the island two days later. The Fourth Virginia served in Cuba until March 27, 1899, when it left Cuba, arriving in the U.S. two days later.

During its term of service had thirty men die of disease, 63 men discharged on disability and 22 men deserted.

The Roster:

In the roster below, Individuals appear as listed in the original roster.  Please note that "deceased" have no address or town listed, and some individuals have no information after their rank. This is the way they appear in the roster. The address listed after the name is the address for the individual at the time the roster was prepared, well after the war ended.

Regimental Field and Staff:

Taylor, George W. - Colonel - Norfolk, VA.
Edwards, L. R. - Lieut.-Colonel - Franklin, VA - Commander 1st Battalion.
Tarrall, Marshal - Major - Commanding 2nd Battalion, Norfolk.
Blow, W. N. Jr. - Major - Commanding 3rd Battalion.
Yeatman, P. E. - Captain - Regimental Adjutant, Norfolk.
Vance, C. S. - Major - Surgeon, Norfolk.
Old, W. L. - Captain - Assistant Surgeon, Norfolk.
Peede, George - Captain - Assistant Surgeon, Portsmouth.
Stringfellow, Frank - Captain - Chaplain, Arrington.
Wassum, William H. - 1st Lieut. - Company E, Adjutant 1st Battalion.
Causey, J. C. Jr. - 1st Lieut. - Company G, Adjutant 2nd Battalion.
Dougherty, Vernon L. - 2nd Lieut. - Company D, Adjutant 3rd Battalion.
Higgins, A. M. - Captain - Quartermaster, Norfolk.
Tilghman, G. M. - Sergeant Major - Norfolk.
Henry, Hugh H. - Quartermaster Sergeant - Montrose, MI.


White, W. W. - James River, VA.
Lane, H. P. - Arlington, MA.
Waycroff, Frederick - Phoebus, VA.

Hospital Stewards:

Mann, Herbert - Petersburg, VA.
Milan, John E. - Norfolk, VA.
Snead, W. C. - Lynchburg


Warrington, John W. - Drum Major and Sergeant, Petersburg, VA.
White, W. W. - Chief Musician, James River.
Lane, H. P. - Principal Musician, Arlington, MA.
Raycrof, Frederick - Principal Musician, Phoebus, VA.
Bender, C. A. - Solo Cornet, Duncannon, PA.
Booth, James H. - Solo Cornet, Wilmington, DE.
Cramer, John L. - Bandsman - Philadelphia, PA.
Eacho, C. A. Jr. - Cymbals, Phoebus, VA.
Eacho, W. D. - Bass Drum, Phoebus, VA.
Evans, C. H. - Piccolo, Kaiapoi, New Zealand.
Ferter, John - Snare Drum, Phoebus, VA.
Hillein, John W. - Baritone, Corning, OH.
Lancer, G. W. - Third Horn, Phoebus, VA.
Lods, Emile, Tuba, Phoebus, VA.
Mannell, A. F. - Bb Cornet, Mayville, MI.
Moore, Charles W. - Bass Horn, Warrenton, VA.
Pennington, L. H. - Slide Trombone, Lexington
Quisenberry, H. M. - Alto, Lexington
Shafer, W. W. - Alto, Phoebus, Va.
Tobin, W. W. - Alto, Hampton.
Woodward, E. E. - Snare Drum, Phoebus.
Hunter, C. A. - Cornet, Duncannon, PA.

Company A  Lee Rifles, Norfolk, VA.:

Sheen, H. H. - Captain, Bristol, TN.
Hill, William C. - First Lieut., Portsmouth, VA.
Burrow, Vincent C. - Second Lieut., Norfolk.
Curdts, Frederick L. - First Sergeant, Norfolk.
Shackelford, John F. - Quartermaster Sergeant, Norfolk.
Sturdivant, William G. - Sergeant, Norfolk.
Tighman, Granville M. - Sergeant, Norfolk (promoted to Regimental Sergeant-Major)
Le Compte, Whitney S. - Sergeant, Norfolk.
Harrison, William H. - Sergeant, Norfolk.


Creekmore, John W. - Norfolk
Butt, Samuel P. - Norfolk
Hill, Collins -Portsmouth
Sessoms, Oscar V. - Powellsville, NC
Hayes, Wade H. -Norfolk
Curdts, Edward M. - Norfolk
Hill, Anthony L. C. - Portsmouth
Schaeffer, Samuel I. - Westminster, MD
Hume, Albert G. - Norfolk
Pettus, Charles H. - Norfolk
Pritchard, William D. - Centerville
Brinkley, William S. - Scotland Neck, NC
Smith, William S. - Musician, Norfolk
King, Otto - NY
Long, Charles T. - Artificer, Portsmouth
Woodard, William - Wagoner, San Francisco, CA


Addison, Joseph T. - Norfolk
Allen, John J.- Norfolk
Baker, William M.- York, PA
Bates, Archie C.- Portsmouth
Beattie, Archie M.- Memphis, TN
Bell, Alexander- Norfolk
Billings, Leonard C.- Norfolk
Brinkley, Richard D.- Scotland Neck, NC
Blick, James H.- Norfolk
Brown, James H.-Fayetteville, NC
Brawer, Benjamin- Russia
Budbereskey, Jacob- New York, NY
Chapman, Algernon W.- Smithfield, VA
Cocks, Lee H.- Disputanta, VA
Cummings, John J.- Kingston, NY
Day, Lee - Amos, NC
Dodenhoff, Frederick William - Germany
Douglass, Sanford M. - Elizabeth City, NC
Eckles, Robert K. - Petersburg, VA
Edwards, Benjamin F. - Berkeley
Fitzgibon, Patrick - Jersey City, NJ
Fountain, Charles A. - Prince William, VA
Fritzinger, William T. - Norfolk
George, Clyde L. - King William County
Graves, John P. - Portsmouth
Gresham, Samuel H. - Lexington
Guin, William - Portsmouth
Harman, George C. - Lexington
Haughton, LaFayette - Plymouth, NC - Deceased
Hanson, William G. - Columbus, OH
Heard, William J. - Berkeley, VA
Hindren, Robert H. - Berkeley
Hill, John C. - Portsmouth
Hord, Reubie A. - Fauquir County
Howland, William T. - South Ridge, MA
Howard, Charles F. - Lockport, WV
Irving, Montague C. - Summerside, Canada
Jones, Andrew L. - Norfolk, VA
Kellam, Linwood L. - Accomac County
Kerr, William - Chili
Levy, Simon - Russia
McCaine, Hugh - Southhampton, England
McCoy, Arthur G. - Berkeley, VA
Myrick, Lawrence B. - Jackson County, FL
Newton, George F. - Norfolk, VA
Newnally, Thomas S. - Petersburg
Parke, Joseph F. - Berkeley
Parham, William B. - Sussex
Reasoner, James A. - Webster, MO
Reid, James K. - Norfolk, VA
Reid, Hugh S. - Norfolk
Robertson, Thomas W. - Norfolk
Saunders, Joseph M. - Isle of Wight County
Scott, Oscar G. - Morgan County, IL
Seddinger, William A. - Norfolk, VA
Sherrard, Joseph H. - Bath County
Sheppard, Charles E. - Richmond
Sherwood, Augustine L. - Richmond
Shipp, Frederick H. - Elizabeth City, NC
Smith, Patrick - Carrituck County, NC
Smith, Sidney H. - Norfolk, VA
Smithson, Miles - Elizabeth City, NC
Spence, Washington M. - South Mills, NC
Stavro, Joseph R. - Norfolk, VA
Story, Frank G. Jr. - Norfolk
Sykes, Luther W. - Princess Anne County
St. John, Earle - New, Chase County
Tatum, Caswell - Kempsville
Trevathan, Charles M. - Harrellsville, NC
Tucker, Ralph D. - Mt. Pleasant, NC
Tucker, Lawrence H. - Portsmouth, VA
Waddy, Edward N. - Northhampton County
Walker, Raymond - Norfolk
Wasserman, Samuel - Norfolk
Welch, Henry V. - Newcastle County, DE
White, Allen O. - Smithfield, VA
White, William T. - Norfolk
Whitmore, Benjamin F. - Newberne, NC
Williams, William J. - Portsmouth, VA
Wilson, Herbert F. - Norfolk
Winters, Harry A. - Portsmouth, VA
Wrenn, Harry L. - Norfolk


Bippus, William J. - Hospital Corps, Evansville, IN
Coleman, William E. - Lynchburg, VA
Wood, Carl P. - Portsmouth
Bender, Charles A. - To Band, Duncannon, PA

Honorably Discharged:

Parsons, James E. - Petersburg, VA
Allen, Aubrey W. - Madison County
Morgan, Frank M. - Elizabeth City
Koerner, Frank L. - New York

Company B  Norfolk City Guards:

Salomonsky, B. W. - Captain, Norfolk, VA
Wright, C. L. - First Lieutenant, Norfolk
Church, W. H. - Second Lieutenant, Norfolk
Laylor, G. T. - First Sergeant, Norfolk
Eaton, J. H. - Quartermaster Sergeant, Princess Anne County
Powell, Mills - Sergeant, Isle of Wight County
Smith, S. E. - Sergeant, Norfolk
Gale, E. R. - Sergeant, Norfolk
McCoy, G. M. - Sergeant, Norfolk


Morris, A. S. - Virginia
Linn, L. G. - Norfolk
Davis, C. G. - Norfolk
White, H. J. - Norfolk
Lassiter, D. A. - Norfolk
Walsh, J. J. - Norfolk
Batts, J. C. - Wilson, NC
Harding, L. H. - Norfolk
Morris, J. E. - Petersburg
Shipp, O. L. - Princess Anne County
Walter, F. W. W. - Windsor, NC
Wilkins, W. H. - Norfolk, VA
McGinnis, J. C. - Musician, Norfolk
Lanier, L. W. - Musician, Norfolk
Downing, A. C. - Artificer, Edgecombe County, NC
Hyarth, E. - Wagoner, Norfolk


Albano, N. - Naples, Italy
Allen, W. F. - Norfolk, VA
Briggs, J. - Watson, MI
Bluford, H. - Norfolk
Baylor, R. G. - Norfolk
Beck, Charles - Norfolk
Baillio, E. H. - Alexandria, LA
Brock, E. G. - Princess Anne County, VA
Barrett, C. M. - Southhampton County, VA - Discharged
Bean, A. E. - Utica, NY
Caffee, R. S. - Norfolk
Caffee, E. - Norfolk - Honorably Discharged
Christakes, George - Kerica, Greece
Cole, G. C. - Richmond, VA
Curtis, W. H. - Norfolk
Chapin, C. H. - Warren, MA
Curlin, C. D. - Norfolk
Daniel, Z. L. - Isle of Wight County
Dougherty, J. P. - Norfolk
Dixon, C. H. - Norfolk
Dodson, C. H. - Manchester
Duncan, J. E. - Norfolk
Friedenberg, H. - Germany
Farley, C. B. - Petersburg, VA
Ferriss, Joseph - Richmond
Folk, W. Q. - Southampton County
Foster, W. A. - Richmond
Foulkrod, F. P. - DeBaistown, PA
Gardner, J. L. - Salisbury, NB
Gaylord, J. W. - Norfolk, VA
Gray, H. T. - Washington County, NC
Groves, C. J. - Norfolk, VA
Harwood, H. OL. - Norfolk
Jackson, T. S. - Richmond
Jacobs, M. - Norfolk
Joint, S. L. - Lexington, KY
Kerns, A. J. - Williamsport, PA
Lowry, L. L. - Oliver, VA
Lambert, E. S. - Caphosie
Leslie, L. - Mt. Vernon, IL
Llonas, F. A. - Trinidad, British West Indies
Lichtenstein, A. - Germany
Markham, E. - Munford, VA
Martin, D. J. - Philadelphia, PA
Malbone, E. N. - Princess Anne County, VA
McMahon, J. - Albany, NY
McClennan, W. H. - Norfolk, VA
McDermott, H. W. - Norfolk
Miltur, F. A. - Nansemond County
Moore, E. W. - Norfolk
Moore, M. F. - Norfolk
Morriss, R. L. - Norfolk
Morrissey, J. A. - Warrington, England
Myers, L. - Philadelphia, PA - Honorably Discharged
Manning, H. D. - Robertsonville, NC
Moseley, C. W. - Steversport, KY
Nelson, W. H. - Norfolk
Perry, J. J. - Norfolk
Politicari, C. - Island of Slathe, Greece
Potts, J. A. - Orange County, NY
Powell, William - Norfolk
Patterson, C. A. - Mosey Creek
Riddick, R. E. - Enfield, NC
Rokos, P. - Galla City, Greece
Rippe, B. A. - New York City, NY
Seay, H. - Fluvanna, VA
St. Clair, George - Taunton, MA
Sheperd, G. B. - Norfolk
Stacy, J. B. - Norfolk
Taylor, P. H. - Winston, NC
Thomas, W. L. - Richmond, VA
Totty, B. F. - Petersburg
Vanderberry, L. - Lamberts Point
White, B. T. - Southampton County
White, C. L. - Baltimore, MD
Wilkerson, I. F. - Norfolk
Wilkins, E. L. - Norfolk
Wilkins, W. L. - Norfolk
Woody, C. O. - Caulton, KY
Williams, H. E. - Norfolk
Wilson, E. T. - Norfolk
Wing, H. - Norfolk
Wood, H. D. - Norfolk
Wills, G. H. - Nansemond County


Gorin, J. W. - Franklin, KY to Hospital Corps
Sweezy, E. L. - Brooklyn, NY to Ambulance Corps
Worrell, George H. - Delaware County, PA to Ambulance Corps

Company C:

Marye, Philip T. - Captain, Richmond, VA
Hillyer, William L. - First Lieutenant, Washington, DC
Rix, Anson F. - Second Lieutenant, Worcester, MA
Archibald, S. W. - First Sergeant, Buffalo, NY
Wilkins, Robert E. - Quartermaster Sergeant, Newport News, VA
Ward, James J. - Sergeant, Newport News
Moore, Clinton C. - Sergeant, VA
Garthright, Newton H. - Sergeant, Newport News


Richardson, Walter B. - Croaker
Turnbull, Lewis P. - Newport News
Wilkinson, William F.
Ford, George E. - Charlottsville
Wilson, Blair P. - Smithfield
Moss, Charles C. - Newport News
McArthur, Alexander Jr. - Newport News
Moss, Frank C. - Newport News
Norsworthy, Richard C. - Newport News
Rothwell, Thomas C. - Charlottsville
Taylor, Samuel J. - Roxbury
Seifert, Henry A. - Musician, Newport News
Kinslow, Edward J. - Musician, Philadelphia, PA
Bennett, William E. - Artificer, Phoenil, RI
Reeder, Frank - Wagoner, Kansas City, MO


Aymar, Frederick E.
Berman, Isaac - Newport News, VA
Baldwin, Charles A. - Lennig
Braun, Charles - Baltimore, MD
Banton, Charles L. - Taggart,  VA
Barksdale, Claude B. - Lennig
Binford, James D. - Richmond
Barry, John J. - Newport News
Ballard, Lewis B. - Christiansburg
Branton, John H. - Richmond, VA
Billings, Joseph W.
Brenner, Frederick K. - Philadelphia, PA
Clopton, William E. - Oak Tree, VA
Chappelle, Richard B. - Marion
Carpenter, James - Chief Cook, Hampton
Chandler, Benjamin T. - Windsor
Conway, Patrick E. - Amsterdam, NY
Davis, Floyd H. - Lanford, VA
Davison, Ferdinand W. - Richmond
Eggleston, Lawrence - Gordansville
Ford, Andrew J. - Charlottsville
Flowers, Lorenzo H. - Lynchburg
Flynn, John H. - Newport News
Fisher, Charles I. - Durham, NC
Fowlkes, Clarence W. - Richmond, VA
Farish, Harry S. - Charlottsville
Franklin, Thomas J. - Lynchburg
Fossett, Frank A. - Richmond
Graves, Frank B. - Washington, DC
Gillis, James
Gorman, Jerry - Pittsfield, MA
Hitchcolk, Leonard G. - Cannonsville, NY
Hall, Charles D. - Newport News, VA
Henley, Thomas B. - Newport News
Hoke, Daniel L. - Columbia, PA
Johnson, Julius E. - Allirine, VA
James, Robert P. Jr. - Croaker, VA
Jensen, Peter J.
Keating, John J. - Washington, DC
Kelley, Edward - Dunkirk, IN
Linck, John - Richmond, VA
McCullough, William A. - Richmond
Maxwell, William G. - Charlotte, NC
Murphy, John - Philadelphia, PA
McCarthy, Frank
Mull, Ralph W. E. - Washington, DC
Morgan, Loyd - Morrison, VA
Monroe, Thomas H.
Marable, William E. - Newport News
Neuman, Otto C. A. - Newport News
Norvell, Leroy - Norfolk
Nicholson, John T. - Franklin
Needham, George A. - Newport News
Peyton, William W. - Charlottsville
Piskonson, Wesley - Newport News
Robinson, Leslie G. M. - Newport News
Ryan, Thomas F. - Columbus, OH
Sullivan, Patrick J. - Richmond, VA
Sweet, Arthur S. - London, England
Saunders, William S. Jr. - Newport News, VA
Saunders, William J. - Hampton
Stump, Ernest - Lynchburg
Truxell, Forrest B. - Lynchburg
Timanus, William E. - Overbrook, KS
Toombs, Clarence E. - Richmond, VA
Tuccli, Mike - Newport News, VA
Trout, James - Long Glade
Urwiler, John C. - Philadelphia, PA
Vaughan, Charlie G. - Newport News
Vanarsdale, Jacob F. - Newport News
Waddill, George E. - Charles City
Weymouth, Robert Y. - Newport News
Wilson, George H. - Smithfield
Wills, Hope L. - Washington, DC
Wilkerson, James D. - Clifton Forge, VA
Williams, Hiram R. - Tennessee, IL
Willaredt, Nicholas - Montieux, Switzerland
White, Lewis - Chicago, IL

Honarably Discharged:

Eggers, Henry L. - August 13, 1898
Davis, Lewis L. - June 27, Morrison, VA
Dennie, Edward B. - June 25, Newport News
Page, Alfred H. - August 13, Lynchburg
Phillips, James W. - June 20, Newport News
Smith, Richard D. J. - June 11, Morrison
Wright, Fred A. - September 1, Washington, DC


Rawls, Joseph R. - July 10, 1898, Roanoke Rapids, NC
Rawls, J. J. - July 10, 1898, Roanoke Rapids, NC


Jacob, Lucius S. - June 24 to Hospital Corps, Cape Charles City, VA
Lowry, Nelson R. - June 24 to Hospital Corps, Beckley, WV


McGraw, Joseph E. - July 22, Richmond, VA

Company D:

Hope, George W. - Captain, Hampton, VA
Couch, Frank H. - First Lieutenant, Hampton
Dougherty, Vernon L. - Second Lieutenant, Hampton
Holt, Harry H. - First Sergeant, Hampton
Gammel, Vernon - Quartermaster Sergeant, Hampton
Jordan, Harry O. - Sergeant, Hampton
Hull, Amos T. - Sergeant, Hampton
Peek, William H. - Sergeant, Hampton
Jones, Thornton F. - Sergeant, Hampton


Carver, Charles F. - Phoebus
Reese, Frank C. - Hampton
Councill, Wallace E. - Hampton
Wood, Ambler J. - Hampton
Shermerhorn, Henry S. - Phoebus
Booker, George W. - Hampton
Best, Andrew J. - Phoebus
Booker, George S. - Old Point
Scull, Louis M. - Hampton
Whiting, Livingstone F. - Hampton
Minnick, Charles H. - Musician, Phoebus
Rosegrant, Edward - Musician, Phoebus
Topping, William H. - Artificer, Hampton
Mayonke, John - Wagoner, Hampton


Arnold, Edwin H. - Phoebus
Barnes, Boyle H. - Suffolk
Beckner, Ferrell E. - Newport News
Black, John M. - Hampton
Boyhan, John - Phoebus
Branch, John N. - Hampton
Brothers, Luther - Hampton
Bryon, John N. - Phoebus
Clark, Sigmund - Hampton
Conrad, Alfred A. - Phoebus
Cooke, Norman P. - Hampton
Curtis, Fay S. - Hampton
Curtis, Sinclair - Hampton
Davis, Horace T. - Hampton
Dean, James A. - Hampton
Dobbins, Arthur S. - Hampton
Dodd, Lewis B. - Hampton
Doome, Rawley - Newport News
Downing, John - Newport News
Estep, Noah - Newport News
Fanning, William P. - Phoebus
Fern, Martin - Newport News
Fromm, Alfred J. - Newport News
Gatewood, Robert E. - Hampton
Griffiths, John N. - Newport News
Hamilton, William J. - Phoebus
Haywood, William F. - Hampton
Hollyday, Thomas W. - Hampton
Hughes, Thomas L. - Newport News
Hunt, Robert F. - Hampton
Jones, George B. - Hampton
Jones, Hunter E. - Hampton
Jankovie, Albert - Phoebus
Johnson, Peter H. - Hampton
Jordan, Michael - Newport News
Kahn, Joseph F. - Phoebus
Kahn, William D. - Phoebus
Kimpton, Frank S. - Hampton
Kipper, Fritz W. - Phoebus
Lappin, Francis - Newport News
Leach, Edgar - Hampton
League, Martin B. - Hampton
Leamer, Samuel W. - Newport News
Lindenberger, Philip - Hampton'
Lingham, William C. - Phoebus
Lewis, Frank - Newport News
Lewis, Raynor K. - Hampton
Lewis, John - Hampton
Lunny, Hugh - Newport News
Marchant, Howarth - Hampton
Massenburg, Charles C. - Hampton
McMeechan, Charles M. - Newport News
McMullen, Francis A. - Phoebus
Melvin, John R. - Hampton
Memlep. Ernest - Hampton
Miller, Wilbur - Hampton
Nelson, William J. - Hampton
O'Brien, John W. - Richmond
Oldfield, John W. - Phoebus
O'Rourke, Charles - Phoebus
Parker, Watt - Newport News
Powell, Harry A. - Hampton
Redford, James S. - Richmond
Richardson, Joseph S. - Richmond
Ritchie, James - Scotland
Robbins, Charles L. - Hampton
Routten, Thaddeus - Hampton
Sawyer, Harry - Newport News
Schmertz, Charles H. - Richmond
Seymour, Robert L. - Hampton
Smith, Charles D. - Phoebus
Smith, Sidney - Phoebus
Staenglent, James W. - Phoebus
Stringfield, William H. - Hampton
Thomas, William C. - Hampton
Topping, Barton M. - Hampton
Wallace, Griffo  - Hampton
Waters, Daniel - Newport News
West, Wakery H. - Newport News
Wheeler, John T. - Hampton
White, Frederick - Phoebus
Whiting, Charles W. - Hampton
Whiting, William H. - Hampton
Williamson, Harry C. - Hampton
Wilson, Robert L. - Hampton


Cramer, John L. - to Band, Hampton
Hull, Henry D. - to Hospital Corps, Phoebus
Henry, Hugh H. - to Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, Phoebus
Kirkland, William F. - to Hospital Corps, Phoebus

Honorably Discharged:

Jones, Charles H. - Phoebus

Company E:

Nottingham, Thomas J. - Captain, Norfolk, VA
Wassum, William H. - First Lieutenant, Norfolk
Jones, Edward W. - Second Lieutenant, Norfolk
Shelly, William Camp - First Sergeant, Norfolk
Lackland, Thomas C. - Quartermaster Sergeant, Norfolk
King, William V. - Sergeant, Norfolk
Gilbert, Joshua L. - Sergeant, Norfolk
Macon, Harry A. - Sergeant, Norfolk
Burgess, Arthur P. - Sergeant, Norfolk


Griggs, John E. - Norfolk
Lawler, Frank J. - Norfolk - Honorably Discharged
McLeod, John - Norfolk
McLaughlin, Frank - Norfolk
Waikart, Harry W. - Norfolk
McRorie, John Jr. - Norfolk
Forrest, William H. - Norfolk
Bondurant, Frank H. - Norfolk
Cannon, Douglas C. - Norfolk
Lightfoot, Ernest L. - Carrolton
McGuire, George F. - Norfolk
Hennelly, Joseph J. - Norfolk
Woodhouse, Frank E. - Norfolk
Henley, C. Lee - Musician, Norfolk
Churchill, Phillip A. - Artificer, Norfolk
Montague, Lewis B. - Wagoner, Norfolk


Banks, Ernest L. - Norfolk, VA
Barrett, Albert F. - New York City, NY
Bonney, Samuel S. - Norfolk
Borland, Armistead - Norfolk
Buyrn, Eugene J. - Berkeley
Brown, Sidney - Norfolk
Beaton, W. Eley - Norfolk
Chillson, Harry B. - Berkeley
Cooper, Harry W. - Berkeley
Colwell, Michael T. - Norfolk
Cornick, Ernest J. - Norfolk
Doherty, Robert J. - Norfolk
Downing, James H. - Norfolk
Ellingsworth, Harry W. - Norfolk
Fentress, Joseph - Norfolk
Gantt, Walter - Norfolk
Griffin, Herbert C. - Berkeley
Guthrie, Charles - Newberne, NC
Green, William L. - Norfolk
Hancock, Benjamin F. - Norfolk - Honorably Discharged
Hendricks, Walter F. - Newmarket, MD
Hill, George W. - Norfolk
Hamilton, Walter H. - Norfolk
Hodges, John G. - Norfolk
Hodges, Deliscus M. - Berkeley
Hodges, Thomas C. - Norfolk
Hodges, William M. - Washington, DC
Holloman, Milo M. - Norfolk
Humphreys, Henry R. - Norfolk
Hitchins, James C. Jr. - Norfolk
Hickson, Richard L. Jr. - Danville
Jack, Edward S. - Roanoke
Jackson, Thomas B. - Norfolk
Klein, Aaron A. - New York City, NY
Kevill, Emmett J. - Norfolk
Lash, Ruby L. - Norfolk
Lash, Harry H. - Norfolk
Landsberg, Julius T. - Hampton
Lewis, Thomas F. - Republican Grove
Linn, Clarence P. - Norfolk
Lowton, George D. - Norfolk
Monday, Harry - Norfolk
Moore, Edgar A. - Norfolk
Morrisette, Dempsey - Berkeley
Morris, Harry L. - Norfolk
McLaughlin, Edward J. - Norfolk
MacKenzie, Alex K. - Norfolk
Nottingham, Victor E. - Norfolk
O'Brien, Thomas M. - Norfolk
Pendleton, Charles O. - Norfolk
Price, Allen B. - Lynchburg
Rawles, Lennie D. - Grantsboro, NC
Rowland, Charles H. - Norfolk
Rowland, Luther J. - Norfolk
Ruffin, James W. - Richmond
Ryan, Oliver M. - Savannah, GA
Russell, Jesse B. - Norfolk
Salter, Edwin W. - Norfolk
Saul, Harold - Norfolk
Shadbolt, James D. - Norfolk
Shumadine, Reuben A. - Norfolk
Skinner, Frank G. - Norfolk
Smith, Alonzo - Norfolk
Smith, William L. - Norfolk
Stephens, Andrew L. - Norfolk
Stokely, Mathew M. - Norfolk
Sturgis, James - Norfolk
Summers, Marion - Norfolk
Toole, William W. - Berkeley
Thornton, Lester - Conway, AR
Warwick, James B. - Norfolk
Waterfield, James W. - Norfolk
White, Miller W. - Norfolk
Wilson, John G. - Norfolk
Williams, Bert - Amarillo, TX
Wolf, John A. - Norfolk
Whalen, James  - Grand Rapids, MI
Walker, Walter B. - Norfolk
Whitehurst, Percy J. - Norfolk

Honorably Discharged:

Cooper, Clarence L. - Norfolk

Company F:

Causey, Charles H. Jr. - Captain, Suffolk, VA
Withers, Nathaniel R. - First Lieutenant, Suffolk
Harman, Charles P. - Second Lieutenant, Staunton
Thomas, Harry D. - First Sergeant, South Boston
McLeod, Kenneth B. - Quartermaster Sergeant, Suffolk
Johnson, Willie T. - Sergeant, Suffolk
Trotman, Pelham - Sergeant, Suffolk
Palmer, Thera O. - Sergeant, Suffolk
Withers, John T. - Sergeant, Suffolk


Daughtrey, John H. - Suffolk
Williamson, Guy L. - Suffolk
Whitehead, Emmet A. - Suffolk
McCorkle, George B. - Glasgow
Simmons, James E. - Fincastle
Bowen, W. Harry - Suffolk
Tucker, Marvin U. - Suffolk
Thomas, Robert E. - Arch Mills
Epes, Richard M.
Burger, Louis S. - Natural Bridge
Thomason, Charles J. - Clifton Forge
Tollen, Harry A. - Artificer, Suffolk
Ames, Richard - Musician, Suffolk
Rauls, Paul L. - Musician, Suffolk


Joseph, Simon - to Hospital Corps, Washoe County, AZ
Sexton, Edward - to Company G, 4th Virginia
Simmons, Edward K. - to Hospital Corps - Died July 22, 1898


Alley, William P. - Stuart's Draft, VA
Alford, Preston W. - Suffolk
Bradford, William R. - Staunton
Breckinridge, William N. - Fincastle
Bowis, Eddie N. - Richmond
Bull, Frank - Richmond
Burton, James D. - Clifton Forge
Cash, Andrew W. - Vesuvius
Carpenter, Jasper N. - Natural Bridge
Calder, Stanley B. - Richmond
Carper, Kent S. - Fincastle
Chaplin, William E. - Died June 18, 1898
Cheatham, Aubrey D. - Richmond
Christian, Frank W. - Richmond
Cordery, Charles - Richmond
Cordrey, James H. - Richmond
Creed, William S. - Richmond
Crimmings, James F. - Richmond
Crittenden, William H. - Richmond
Cronin, John A. - Richmond
Coutts, Robert R. - Clifton Forge
Daughrey, William T. - Menola, NC
Dillard, George W. - Richmond
English, Walter - Springwood - Honorably Discharged
Fogarty, Jeremiah E. - Richmond
Gentry, Don J. - Longdale
Goodwin, Walter H. - Clifton Forge
Gilliam, Lieeburn H. - Pound
Ham, Clifford T. - Clifton Forge
Hampton, Joseph D. - Portsmouth
Hannan, Joseph M. - Richmond
Harris, Vernon C. - Norfolk
Harvey, Arthur H. - School
Hayslelt, John R. - Buffalo Forge
Hayslelt, James H. - Buffalo Forge
Hicks, John T. Jr. - Richmond
Hope, Robert W. - Richmond
Hostetter, John W. - Carterstown
Humphreys, Emmett - Stuart's Draft
Hyers, Ralph G. - Washington, DC
Hilton, Merida - Ore Knob, KY
Jackson, Thomas A. - Suffolk
Jenkins, John W. Norfolk - Honorably Discharged
Keller, Gilbert W. - Richmond
Kelly, Virgil G. - Reynoldson, NC
Kennedy, John H. - Richmond
Landes, Charles M. - Staunton
Livick, Peyton L. - Stuanton
Mallory, Garland E. - Richmond
Matthews, Charles H. - Suffolk
Matthews, George M. - Suffolk
Matthews, John W. - Suffolk
Melson, Charles A. - Norfolk - Honorably Discharged
Merritt, William R. - Barbersville, WV
Moles, Josiah S. - Manchester, VA
Myrtle, James H. - Staunton
McClunney, Mills T. - Windsor
McNamara, Michael J. - Richmond
Murray, John - Philadelphia, PA
Nesbitt, John P. - Richmond
Norfleet, Lemuel H. - Suffolk
Paden, Jacob M. - Centralia
Peaco, Harman W. - Portsmouth
Pollard, Archer J. - Richmond
Porter, Henry S. - Nimrod Hall - Died June 7, 1898
Reardon, John Joseph - Sweet Chalybeate Springs
Rife, Arthur B. - Staunton
Rossano, Joseph - Norfolk
Row, John M. - Richmond
Ridgeway, Charles E. - Gallopolis, OH
Scruggs, Daniel W. - Lynchburg
Sheahan, James J. - Richmond
Simmons, Harry G. - Braugh's Mills
Tucker, McG. Simmons - Braugh's Mills
Snead, Thomas J. - Oilville
Summers, Charles E. - Norfolk
Sutton, Willie R. - Suffolk
Thomas, John G. - Lee - Honorably Discharged
Thompson, William L. - Clifton Forge
Tully, John E.
Walls, Martin Jr. - East Pittsburg, PA
Waugh, Walter L. - Manchester, VA
Whitehurst, Walter W. - Thalia
Williams, Walter - Richmond
Witherson, Archibald L. - Norfolk - Honorably Discharged
Willard, Willie W. - Richmond
Walever, Jacob L. - Knoxville, TN
Wood, Thomas A. - Norfolk
Zimmerman, Rufus T. - Fincastle

Company G:

Wilson, P. St. J. - Captain, Suffolk
Causey, J. C. Jr. - First Lieutenant, Suffolk
Lawrence, Simon M. - Second Lieutenant, Suffolk
Williams, L. W. - First Sergeant, Suffolk
Kilby, W. T. - Quartermaster Sergeant, Suffolk
Caulk, L. W. - Sergeant, Suffolk
Hargrave, A. H. - Sergeant, Suffolk
Bell, George L. - Sergeant, Scotland Neck, NC
Shepherd, James T. - Sergeant, Suffolk


Bowen, A. D. - Suffolk
Stith, F. B. - Suffolk
Urquhart, George P. - Honorably Discharged
Richardson, F. N. - Baltimore, MD
Baykin, John U. - Suffolk - Honorably Discharged
Buck, B. W. - Suffolk
Riddick, H. T. - Suffolk
Tucker, John E. - Norfolk
Urquhart, A. B. - Enterprise
Parker, H. B. - Smerton - Died Sept. 4th
Heaney, Claude - Hendrigsburg, OH
Applewhite, T. W. - Suffolk
Galt, P. P. - Louisville, KY
Marquedant, Charles W. - Musician, Charleston, MA
Ellis, Ira W. - Musician, Arlington, NC
Baker, Stuart S. - Artificer, Suffolk
Parker, Tiberias T. - Wagoner, Murfreesboro, NC
Campbell, William J. - Chief Cook, Norfolk


Coffee, Henry W. - Division Hospital, Norfolk
Holland, Eugene - Hospital Corps, Lost City, WY
McCluney, Wilbur E. - Division Hospital, Myrtle, VA
Quisenberry, Harry M. - to Band, Lexington, VA
Nolan, John M. - to Band, Pittsburg, PA
Schauch, L. J. - to Division Hospital, Roanoke, VA
Gillett, J. M. - to Division Hospital, Stoolsburg, NY - Honorably Discharged


Adams, Joseph - Richmond - Honorably Discharged
Allison, Charles J. - Lucretia
Ayers, Vernon C. - Norfolk
Bain, P. L. - Waverly
Bateman, Louis - Suffolk
Bell, James P. - Isle of Wight
Blessing, R. E. - Colburn
Bliss, Edward - New Brighton, PA
Belton, J. H. - Sandy Ridge, NC
Bolt, Caleb F. - Floyd, VA
Cassaday, Samuel T. - Richmond
Cheatham, L. M. - Richmond
Chandler, St. Elmo M. - Windsor
Chapman, C. H. - Raynor
Charters, C. D. - St. Louis, MO
Clarke, John I. - Smithfield
Callison, C. J. - Christiansburg, VA
Crowley, H. E. - Smithfield
Cousins, William - Richmond
Dalton, A. B. - Sanke Creek
Drewry, Arthur - Surry
Driscoll, Timothy - Westerly, RI
Duncan, C. A. - Norfolk
Eisler, S. L. - Dalmad, Hungary
Edmunds, John H. - Patterson, VA
Ferrell, E. E. - Cincinnati, OH
Ferguson, C. M. - Washington, DC - Honorably Discharged
Freeman, H. E. - Richmond
Gibson, F. J. - Maxton, NC
Gibson, C. M. - Hampton
Hall, George W. - Great Bridge
Hamlet, W. C. - Hilder
Hess, F. C. - Meadow Station - Died Sept. 4, 1898
Higgins, George W. - Seven Pines
Howard, W. K. - Elpaso, IL
Howell, Charles K. - Livonia, NY
Johnson, O. M. - Smithfield
Johnson, R. L. - Old Church
Kane, J. D. - Richmond
Lawson, T. A. - Blacksburg
Linthall, Charles W. - Vanita, TN
Lubisky, Ike - Richmond
McCarthy, Harry - Washington, DC
Mathews, H. S. - Portsmouth
Mathews, L. C. - Portsmouth
Manwell, A. F. - Maysville, MI
Melton, A. G. - Glen Allen, VA
Nirdlinger, G. S. - Philadelphia, PA
Overby, J. H. - Marion, VA
Paschall, C. L. - Oxford, NC
Phillips, Jackson - Suffolk
Powell, M. S. - Orbit, VA
Pridgen, A. C. - Clerk, NC
Raydon, Thomas J. - Richmond
Ricks, John R. - Argentine, KS
Robinson, A. D. - Athens, AL
Russel, John W. - Richmond
Sarg, Olto L. - Kempville
Schmidt, Frank E. - Richmond
Sexton, Edward - Washoe County, AZ
Shelton, Robert L. - Richmond
Smith, DuHaver - Staunton - Honorably Discharged
Spears, William - Richmond
Stith, C. H. - Suffolk
Stall, Irvin J. - Meadow Station
Suffrage, Robert L. - Cohurn
Snyder, John M. - Kyle, WV
Taurman, Arthur W. - Gayton, VA
Thornton, William - Staunton
Tillson, Gustavus - Marion
Tillson, William - Marion
Uher, Anton - Cleveland, OH
Walker, Charles E. - Crittendens, VA
Warner, Arthur - Covington, KY
Weddle, Walter D. - Ward's Gap, VA
Wilmore, William D. - Marion
Wootton, Thomas W. - Suffolk
Young, John H. - Richmond

Company H - Formerly Company A, Richmond Light Infantry Blues:

Wyatt, Clarence - Captain, Richmond
Cheatwood, Luther L. - First Lieutenant, Richmond
Klien, Walter P. - Second Lieutenant, Richmond
Hazen, James S. - First Sergeant, Bon Air
Donnan, Edwin R. - Quartermaster Sergeant, Richmond
Frischkorn, Samuel B. - Sergeant, Richmond - Honorably Discharged
Wilburn, Field - Sergeant, Richmond
McLelland, Bruce - Sergeant, Richmond
Cousins, Christopher C. - Sergeant, Manchester
Brooks, Harry F. - Sergeant, Richmond


Kasten, Oswald r. - Richmond
Weisiger, Howell R. - Richmond
Lunsay, Clarence S. - Richmond
Thomas, Clarence W. - Richmond
Crushaw, Walter - Richmond
Cherry, Guy M. - Richmond
Cole, John H. - Richmond
Hunt, Floyd W. - Richmond
Lumsden, George H. - Richmond
Grubbs, William M. - Richmond
Lumsford, Adolphus L. - Richmond
Teller, John F. - Richmond
Adams, Walter P. - Artificer, Richmond
Gilmore, Owen - Musician, Richmond
Greenway, Francis B. - Musician, Richmond
Waller, Fred L. - Wagoner, Richmond


Abernathy, Lovich P. - Richmond
Blankenship, Wiley A. Jr. - Richmond
Bragg, William E. - Richmond
Bowles, Edgar W. - Richmond
Britton, Charles H. - Richmond
Bumbach, Josef - Richmond
Carle, Charles - Baltimore
Crump, William G. - Richmond
Culpeper, Paul H. - Richmond
Carter, Owen C. - Wise County
Carter, Fred N. - Lipps
Collier, Sterling K. Jr. - Petersburg - Honorably Discharged
Deare, Charles R. - Greenwood
Dent, Orville T. - Richmond
Douglass, Archie L. - Richmond
Davis, Arthur A. - Richmond
DePreist, Henry S. - Richmond
DePreist, Percy L. - Richmond
Edwards, Otey - Richmond
East, James C. - Richmond
Frayser, Frank - Richmond
Feldner, Thomas - Richmond
Grigg, James P. - Richmond
Grigg, Frank L. - Richmond
Gibboney, Warfield L. - Richmond
Gilmer, Marion H. - Richmond
Gilmer, Samuel S. - Marion Hill
Goode, Eugene - Richmond
Gary, Richard H. - Richmond
Higgins, Gerald F. - Richmond
Hinds, William - Richmond
Hatcher, Vance R. - Richmond
Hawkins, Ernest W. - Richmond
Hofbauer, Henry - Norfolk
Howlet, Thomas S. - Bon Air
Johnson, Stephen - Richmond
Johnson, Edward M. - Richmond
Kelly, William J. - Richmond
King, Merle A. - Richmond
Krouse, Charles - Richmond
Leaker, William H. - Richmond
Landrum, Charles G. - Richmond
Light, Timothy L. - Richmond
Langford, Robert L. - Richmond
McGraw, James Jr. - Richmond
McMullin, James T. - Richmond
McGavock, William P. - Fredericksburg
Motley, James C. - Richmond
Mackey, Harry - Richmond
Nowlan, Edward J. - Richmond
Noel, Eldridge R. - Richmond
Napier, Norman C. - Richmond - Honorably Discharged
O'Donnell, Michael J. - Richmond
Oppenheimer, Abram C. - Richmond
Ouerton, Blair P. - Richmond
Peatross, Archie S. - Richmond
Parker, Charles J. - Richmond
Penny, John A. - Richmond
Rhodes, William J. - Richmond
Rose, Ethelbert G. - Richmond
Rider, Preston - Richmond
Rasnick, Joseph S. - Dickenson County
Snead, John N. Jr. - Richmond
Shepherd, Champ B. - Richmond
Smithers, Rennie T. - Richmond
Sale, Joseph M. - Richmond
Teller, William O. - Richmond
Tabb, Edward A. - Richmond
Treewalla, John J. - Richmond
Trice, George W. - Richmond
Taylor, William H. - Richmond
Vaiden, Robert H. - Richmond
Volmer, Albert - Richmond
Vallentine, James P. - Richmond
Weisiger, David B. - Richmond
Walthall, Malcolm E. - Richmond
Werner, Clarence - Richmond
Woodson, Lonnie R. - Richmond
Woodson, Wythe H. - Richmond
Wilson, Harry M. - Richmond
Whitmann, Emmet G. - Richmond
Walter, Horace E. - Richmond
Zachary, Charles H. - Richmond


Hall, Joseph H. - Richmond, Hospital Corps
Moody, Charles B. T. - Richmond, Hospital Corps
Snead, Charles H. - Richmond, Hospital Corps

Company I:

Vaughn, Cecil C. Jr. - Captain, Franklin, VA
Bryant, Richard B. - First Lieutenant, Franklin
Watkins, Robert E. L. - Second Lieutenant, Franklin
Harrison, George W. - First Sergeant, Franklin
Parker, Jesse A. - Quartermaster Sergeant, Franklin
Magee, William A. - Sergeant, Franklin
Vick, George B. - Sergeant, Franklin
Kimball, John A. - Sergeant, Franklin
Cobb, Linwood M. - Sergeant, Franklin


Holland, Walton B. - Franklin
Moore, George A. - Franklin
Council, Hutson - Franklin
Wiggins, Jasper L. - Franklin
Bell, Charles A. - Franklin
Gregory, Reginald H. - Emporia
Goodwyn, Joseph N. - Emporia
Grape, William T. - Franklin
Dunn, Robert W. - Wake County, NC
Rice, Plinton J. - Musician, Emporia
McAleavy, John J. - Musician, Richmond
Galtress, Thomas - Artificer, Berlin
Hays, Charles A. - Wagoner, Franklin


Allen, Melvin R. - Rockbridge County, VA
Baker, Emory M. - Coeburn
Baker, Joseph H. - Lawrenceville
Barksdale, Arthur S. - Meadville
Barnes, John L. - Northampton County
Beale, Jesse W. - Southampton County
Bishop, Thomas W. - Southampton County
Black, Martin M. - Baltimore, MD
Blow, George T. - Southampton County
Brickhouse, Clinton - Gunneck, NC
Boothe, James H. - Navy, VA - Transferred to Band
Camp, Theon O. - Franklin
Cobb, Major G. - Southampton County
Colli, Lewis - Richmond
Council, Claudius - Isle of Wight County
Cutchin, William L. - Isle of Wight County
Dean, Charles R. - Richmond
Dozier, Harry T. - Norfolk
Drake, Alfonzo E. - Southampton County
Dunn, William M. - Wake County, NC
Dickens, James A. - Houston, VA
Esk, Henry O. - Richmond
Everette, Timothy L. - Nansemond County
Farrar, John H. - Mecklenburg County
Gilliam, Robert T. - Franklin - Died in Jacksonville, FL on July 1, 1898
Goodwyn, Albert N. - Emporia
Gravely, Louis D. - Danville
Graves, William L. - Richmond
Gregory, Henry S. - Emporia
Handfield, Oliver A. - Emporia
Harcum, James L. - Franklin
Harris, Paul R. - Emporia
Harrison, Richard D. - Charlottesville
Hedderly, Ernest L. - Lawrenceville - Died in Jacksonville, FL on Aug. 31, 1898
Hennesy, Thomas P. - NY - Discharged Sept. 1, 1898
Hewit, Robert L. - Newton, NC
Holland, Thomas I. - Franklin
Hunter, Jocelyn C. - Neuse, NC
Jarvis, Elmo - Portsmouth
Jones, Freeman W. Jr. - Petersburg - Transferred to Company K
Jordan, Ernest E. - Richmond
Knee, Mark - Baltimore, MD
Lee, Robert E. - Newsoms, VA
Legum, Jake - Franklin
Livesay, Benjamin F. - Emporia - Transferred to Hospital Corps
Mallett, William B. - Mecklenburg County
Mann, Madson - Skipwith
Martin, Emmett J. - Richmond
Mathews, James T. - Richmond
Morris, John - Roanoke
Murry, Irby G. - Henrico County
Norfleet, Herbert L. - Franklin
Patton, Rodman D. - Richmand
Pretlow, Thomas B. - Franklin
Rathbone, John - Philadelphia, PA
Simpson, William B. - Whaleyville, VA - Transferred to Hospital Corps
Skinner, Wiliam F. - Franklin
Standbridge, Albert H. - Middletown, NY
Sykes, Sidney W. - Gaskins, VA
Tilley, Thomas C. - Neuse, NC
Turner, Charles T. - Franklin, VA
Underwood, Hersey E. - Franklin
Ward, Rupert P. - Winton, NC
Ward, Vivian L. - Winton, NC
Waugh, Edward S. - Richmond - Discharged Sept. 1, 1898
Webb, Solomon G. - Isle of Wight County
Webb, William B. - Isle of Wight County
Welch, John C. - Boston, MA
Wells, Albert B. - Manchester, VA
Williams, William W. - Forestville, NC
Williamson, Robert E. - Boydton, VA
Worrell, George T. - Newsoms
Yocum, Harvey M. - Wernersville, PA

Company K:

Jackson, Montgomery C. - Captain, Petersburg, VA
Jones, Robert O. - First Lieutenant, Petersburg
Lassiter, Charles T. - Second Lieutenant, Petersburg - Resigned
Plummer, F. H. - First Sergeant, Petersburg
Brown, N. S. - Quartermaster Sergeant, Petersburg
Johnston, J. A. - Sergeant, Petersburg
Bowden, W. F. - Sergeant, Petersburg
Moyler, John - Sergeant, Petersburg
Plummer, Edward T. - Sergeant, Petersburg


Myers, H. C. - Petersburg
Rosebro, C. R. - Petersburg
Hinton, H. R. - Petersburg
Smith, J. W. - Petersburg
Cuthbert, J. E. - Petersburg
Smith, J. C. - Petersburg - Died in Second Division Hospital Sept. 2, 1898
Scott, R. C. Jr. - Petersburg
Jones, F. W.  Jr. - Petersburg
Keefer, H. F. - Artificer, Petersburg
Saunders, R. W. - Wagoner, Petersburg
Baker, W. F. - Musician, Petersburg
Archer, C. C. - Musician, Petersburg


Abel, T. - Freeport, Long Island - Died in Second Division Hospital July 21, 1898
Alley, S. E. - Petersburg
Beasley, Hill - Petersburg
Blankenship, A. B. - Petersburg
Britton, H. S. - Petersburg
Bunn, W. E. - Prince George County, VA
Butterworth, O. T. - Petersburg - Honorably Discharged Sept. 10, 1898
Callender, D. Jr. - Petersburg
Callis, J. A. - Turner, VA
Cameron, G. V. - Petersburg - Honorably Discharged Sept. 5, 1898
Clark, C. C. - Petersburg
Cousins, H. M. - Petersburg
DeJarnette, H. F. - Petersburg
Derby, W. P. - Petersburg
Dupuy, J. L. - Roanoke
Ellington, B. E. - Petersburg
Epes, J. S. - Petersburg
Ewing, M. O. - Lawrenceville, GA
Farthing, J. O. - Petersburg
Field, M. C. - Petersburg
Field, T. A. - Petersburg
Feilds, George - Petersburg
Fenn, E. C. - Petersburg
Gallion, F. - Petersburg
Gates, J. W. - Petersburg
Giles, K. - Petersburg
Gil, J. M. B. - Danville
Gray, A. W. - Petersburg
Griffin, J. C. Jr. - Petersburg
Griffin, J. G. - Petersburg
Hall, T. L. - Chesterfield County
Harrison, G. B. - Petersburg
Hatch, H. F. - Petersburg
Henry, J. R. - Petersburg
Hill, W. R. - Petersburg
Hinton, D. W. - Petersburg
Jefferson, W. D. - Petersburg
Johnson, W. E. - Petersburg
Jones, B. A. - Newport News
Kevell, T. F. - Norfolk
Lilley, J. W. - Petersburg
Maitland, E. - Brunswick County
Marek, ? - Sutherland
Moore, R. E. L. - San Antonio, TX
Newton, O. - Petersburg
Pearman, C. A. - Petersburg
Poarch, W. N. - Petersburg
Prichard, I. S. - Petersburg
Rae, W. T. - Petersburg
Rahily, D. Jr. - Petersburg
Rahily, D. J. - Petersburg
Ramey, H. G. - Spring Grove
Rees, C. R. Jr. - Petersburg
Ridout, J. W. - Petersburg
Rogers, A. D. - Petersburg
Roach, C. M. - Roman City, WV
Sanguinetti, C. J. - Petersburg
Scott, D. P. - Petersburg
Scott, W. L. - Petersburg
Shell, R. L. - Dunwiddie County
Smith, J. S. - Petersburg
Spotswood, J. C. - Petersburg - Died in Second Division Hospital July 21, 1898
Stewart, B. F. - Petersburg
Tatum, W. A. - Petersburg
Traylor, G. W. - Petersburg
Tucker, E. C. - Naqua
Vaiden, J. M. - Petersburg
Waite, F. W. - Petersburg
Walker, R. H. - Brunswick County
White, J. G. - Richmond
Whitehorne, E. W. - Petersburg

Company L - Old Dominion Guard:

Brooks, George A. - Captain, Portsmouth, VA
Epes, Albert G. - First Lieutenant, Portsmouth
Dunn, William H. - Second Lieutenant, Portsmouth
Hutchins, George S. - First Sergeant, Portsmouth
Bennett, Walter R. - Quartermaster Sergeant, Portsmouth
Wright, William W. Jr. - Sergeant, Portsmouth
Munds, Thomas E. - Sergeant, Portsmouth
Lassiter, Benjamin H. - Sergeant, Portsmouth
Hutchins, James C. - Sergeant, Portsmouth


Markham, Claude M. - Portsmouth
Griffin, Kenneth J. - Portsmouth
Bilisoly, Louis L. - Portsmouth
Burton, William B. - Portsmouth
Jobson, George M. - Portsmouth
William, Nathaniel O. - Portsmouth
Taylor, Robert L. - Portsmouth
Cherry, George W. - Portsmouth
Housch, Henry F. - Portsmouth
Journee, William H. - Musician, Portsmouth
Saunders, William W. - Musician, Norfolk
Myers, George R. - Artificer, Portsmouth
Whitehurst, George E. - Wagoner, Portsmouth


Abbott, Frederick V. - Richmond, VA
Allen, Thomas - Norfolk
Belote, Harry L. - Norfolk
Bain, William W. - Portsmouth
Borum, Cornelius - Portsmouth
Brown, Francis F. - Baltimore, MD
Calvert, William E. - Portsmouth
Campbell, Patrick J. - Portsmouth
Cramer, Walter H. - Philadelphia, PA
Culpepper, Harry L. - Portsmouth
Darling, Joseph - Summerville, MA
Dorn, William H. - West Liberty, OH
Feals, Harry - Charleston, WV
Folk, George H. - Martinsburg, WV
Goode, John R. - Richmond
Gorsuch, Louis J. - Baltimore, MD
Grant, Charles - Portsmouth
Gray, William M. - Portsmouth
Gregg, Harry - Portsmouth
Hession, Thomas - New York, NY
Hingerty, Clarence - Portsmouth
Hodges, Lee B. - Portsmouth
Hughes, John T. - Portsmouth
Hughes, Arthur - Portsmouth
Hundley, Eustace B. - Richmond
Hurley, George - Steubenville, OH
Hecht, Charles W. - Richmond
Jones, Isaac D. - Richmond
Keller, Frank J. - Richmond
Kramer, George E. - Portsmouth
Lassiter, Charles H. - Larker, NC
Latouche, Louis B. - Richmond
Lewis, Charles A. - Portsmouth
Lucas, Cicero L. - Portsmouth
Lewis, James W. - Portsmouth
Linn, Charles - Portsmouth
McCloskey, William T. - Richmond
McCulley, Addis - Portsmouth
Maddison, George B. - Portsmouth
Majette, Peete V. - Portsmouth
Marshall, William L. - Portsmouth
Martin, Hugh S. - Conway, NC
Mattis, Harry C. - Richmond
Miskill, William J. - Portsmouth
Morrisette, George H. - Portsmouth
Murphy, Edward - Portsmouth
Mullen, Joseph F. - Cleveland, OH
Morriss, Frank - Portsmouth
Nicholson, Joseph - Portsmouth
Newham, John T. - Bluefield, WV
Perry, Charles - Richmond
Porter, Aaron - Portsmouth
Porter, Milton H. - Portsmouth
Quillin, Walter - Portsmouth
Renyolds - John - Portsmouth
Ricketts, William - Portsmouth
Roberts, William T. - Word's Mill
Russell, Robert L. - Portsmouth
Seay, Phillip L. - Columbia
Seed, Theodore - Portsmouth
Taylor, John E. - Staunton
Thompson, Fletcher W. - Wilmington, NC
Thompson, George P. - Alleghany, PA
Thompson, John W. - Wilmington, NC
Toomey, John H. - Richmond
Tucker, Littleton B. - Bluefield, WV
Tucker, Thomas E. - Water Valley, MS
Tyler, Ambrose P. - Portsmouth
Vaughan, Claude E. - Richmond
Vaughan, Robert C. - Portsmouth
Waldrop, Wilbur - Soloman
Welsch, Bayless - Buckton
West, George W. - Portsmouth
White, Fernando J. - Portsmouth
Williams, William H. - Berkeley

Company M - Richmond Light Infantry Blues, formerly Company B:

Pegram, George B. - Captain, Richmond
Daughtrey, William L. Jr. - First Lieutenant, Richmond
Spencer, Thomas A. - Second Lieutenant, Richmond
Blankenship, Frank B. - First Sergeant, Richmond
Robinson, J. Enders Jr. - Quartermaster Sergeant, Richmond
Jones, William N. - Sergeant, Richmond - Honorably Discharged
Harvey, William J. - Sergeant, Richmond
Guy, Ransom - Sergeant, Richmond
Brock, A. Tyler - Sergeant, Richmond


Young, Joseph LaV. Jr. - Richmond
Hobson, T. DeG. M. - Richmond
Jones, R. Whitfield - Richmond
Holladay, Walter - Richmond
Jordan, Charles H. - Richmond
Tyler, W. Samuel - Richmond
Lansing, Cleveland Coxe - Baltimore, MD
Burwell, John R. - Richmond
Dillard, John L. - Rocky Mount
Peatross, R. Wootham - Hanover
Gwathmey, Richard - Richmond
Sands, Alexander H. - Richmond
Crutchfield, Allen D. - Richmond
Ewing, John F. - Artificer, Scotland
Turner, F. T. - Wagoner - Maryland
Lancer, Frank G. - Musician, Old Point, VA


Alexander, George - Colburn, VA
Bates, Harry D. - Richmond
Bibb, Clarence A. - Charlottesville
Billips, Gus - Colburn
Boisseau - John A. - Richmond
Bond, Kemper - Petersburg
Bowers, Samuel C. - Caroline County
Browning, Howard A. - James City County
Burch, James - Richmond
Burthe, Andre M. - Louisana
Burton, Leigh W. - Richmond
Calhoon, John S. - Batetout County
Cardoza, Harry W. - Richmond
Carrington, Henry P. Jr. - Richmond
Carter, H. S. - Scott County
Carter, Van Buren B. - Scott County
Chalkley, Kenneth F. - Richmond
Claiborne, Henry L. - Caroline County
Cheatam, Ira D. - Appomattox County
Conway, James J. - Richmond
Copley, Millard F. - West Virginia
Deacon, Marcus H. - Batetout County
Fendley, Loren D. - Manchester
Ford, Revin B. - Hilton
Frayser, Lewis H. - Richmond
French, Robert L. - Manchester
Gentry, Edwin P. - Richmond
Granberry, Winston H. - Tennessee
Graves, Corrie - Petersburg
Griggs, Thomas - Mountain City
Hardy, Robert M. - Lunenburg County
Harrison, Fred S. - Cumberland County
Harvey, Beverley J. - Powhatan County
Hewitt, Marion S. - Richmond
Isaacs, William B. Jr. - Richmond
Isbell, Travers H. - Caroline County
Jefferies, Clarence T. - Florida
Johnson, Robert N. - Buckingham County
Johns, Van Dyke - Maryland
Jones, Edward B. - Williamsburg
Kellam, W. P. Moore - Accomack County
Karl, Felix - Germany
Lane, Tabb - Port Haywood
Langhorne, Harry - Danville
Lathrop, George A. Jr. - Richmond
Leathley, William M. - England
Lee, Richard Bland - Warrenton, VA
Lefebvre, Herbert P. - Richmond
Martin, Macon - Richmond
Maupin, Samuel P. - Bedford
Mayo, John - Richmond
McLean, Phineas G. - Stafford County
McIlwain, John S. - South Carolina
Michaux, William W. - Powhatan County
Miller, William E. - England
Moncure, James D. Jr. - Richmond
Munn, Samuel L. - Suffolk
Norfleet, Herbert L. - South Staunton County
Peyton, Robert E. Jr. - Farquier
Pilson, Raymond H. - Kentucky
Reavis, George W. - Grayson County, VA
Rickey, Thomas E. - Wythe County
Roberson, J. Clifton - Chesterfield County
Rudd, Worthley F. - Chesterfield County
Rutherfoord, James T. - Richmond
Ryan, James I. - Richmond
Shelburne, Samuel V. - Radford
Smith, Rudolph A. - Richmond
Smith, Frank B. - North Carolina
Smith, W. H. - Wise County
South, Letcher J. - Tazewell County
Stokes, Allen Y. - Richmond
Stringfellow, James W. - Dinwiddie County
Swinley, Edward H. - England
Taylor, Edward M. - Richmond
Tayloe, Edward I. - Richmond
Webb, William W. - Lunenburgh County
Werth, John - Richmond
Wilson, John P. - Cumberland County
Wilson, C. M. - Madison County
Wood, Louis R. - Richmond


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the United States to the Two Houses of Congress, (Washington: Government Printing
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Statistical Exhibit of Strength of Volunteer Forces Called into Service During the War with
Spain; with Losses from All Causes. (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1899).

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