First Texas Volunteer Infantry, Company B

By Patrick McSherry 
The First Texas, Company B was formed in Galveston, Texas, and was known as the "Galveston Rifles." The unit was mustered into service on May 10, 1898, under the command of Victor N. Theriot. The unit was still stationed at Camp Cuba Libre in Jacksonville, Florida in October 13, 1898, two months after an armistice had put an end to hostilities. The First Texas did eventually move on to Cuba, apparently as part of the occupation forces. There is a photograph of the unit passing through El Cerro on its way to the docks in Havana.

By April, 1899 (after the Spanish American War ended and the Philippine American War began) the unit was commanded by Charles G. Dwyer. The unit still existed into 1901, with Theriot returning to command.


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