10th Cavalry Roster Spanish American War 1898

By  Anthony L. Powell, Historian, Consultant,
Curator of the National Exhibition of the Buffalo Soldiers 
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* Killed    ** Wounded    *** Awarded Medal Of Honor   **** Certificate of  Merit (Today's DSC)          ***** Commissioned from the ranks. 
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Field & Staff Officers:

Colonel Guy V. Henry appointed Brigadier General. US Volunteers
Lieutenant Colonel T.A. Baldwin, Commanding
Majors,  Stevens T. Norville, Theodore J. Wint,**
Adjutant 1st Lieutenant Marvin Hill Barnum**
Quartermaster 1st Lieutenant John J. Pershing
Chaplain William T. Anderson(African American)
Surgeon 1st Lieutenant L. A. Fuller
Surgeon 1st Lieutenant Arthur M. Brown(African American)
Veterinary Surgeon Fredrick Foster

Non-Commissioned Staff:

Regimental Sergeant Major, Edward L. Baker***
Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Benjamin A. Anderson
Regimental Saddler Sergeant John C. Smith


Chief Musicians Washington Darrow,* George F. Tyrell
Chief Trumpeter John W. Campbell
Sergeant T.E. Jenifer
Corporal John Harris
Privates Thomas Bruff,* William L. Chester, John B. Drew, E.R. Dolby, Albert Gaston, Thomas C. Hammond, John Hopkins, J. F. Hendricks, Peter Hambright, George Johnson, H. C. Jones, George M. Jones, Albert S. Lowe, Clifford Lowe, Harry R. Pleasant, William Whitlock, Solomon Williams, William White, John Wiggins

Troop "A":

Captain William H. Beck
1st Lieutenant Richard L. Livermore**
2nd Lieutenant Frank R. McCoy**
1st Sergeant John C. Pendergrass****
Ouartermaster Sergeant Carter Smith
Sergeants, Smith Johnson,** James T. Cole, Hoyle Marshal, George R. Taylor, James H. Williams, William M. Jackson,
Corporals, John Anderson, Joseph G. Mitchell,**William D. Edwards,*** Turner Jackson, Issac W. Bailey,***
Trumpeters, Nathan Wyatt, Ossie O. Bourroughs
Blacksmith, Lafayette Hall
Saddler, Nimrod Adams
Farriers, John W. Fields, Samuel Alexander

Privates, Wiley Hipshier,** William Queener, William Anderson, Daniel Blue, Frank Brinkley, William H. Brown, James Buchanan, Robert Carter, William A. Cooper,** George Delaney, Reuben Easly, William Frontman, Luther D. Gould, Benjamin Franklin,** Hamilton Green, Robert F. Harvey, William Hawkins, Conley Holmes, Grant Hughes, James C. Hayes, James R. Hall, William Hayden, Richard James,** Edward James, James Johnson, William Jarrett, Cornelius Jasper, Napoleon Johnson, William Johnson, Lee A. Jones, William Lawson, Robert E. Lee,** Charles Lewis, Solomon Motley, James Murrell, Walter Marsengale, William McBride, John Marland, Ned Oneal, James Peter, Virgil H. Parks, Richard C. Parker,* William Perrin, William Richardson, Virgil Rowlett, Henry Ralls, Less Robert, John Henry Robinson, Berry H. Runell, Daniel Smith, John E. Smith, Thomas Smith, Elijah Smith Richard Smith, Robert V. Smith, John H. Smoot,* William G. Stewart, Henry Taylor, Abraham Temple, Byron Thompson, Walter Thompson, John W. H. Twyman, William Washington, (1) William Washington (2) Israel Washington, Lee White, William Wilson, Cupid Willis, Percy T. Wilson.

Troop "B":

Captain J. W. Watson
1st Lieutenant James B. Hughes
2nd Lieutenant H. O. Willard**
1st Sergeant John Buck****
Quartermaster Sergeant James W. Ford
Sergeants, Issac Baily,***John H. Bowman, James Thompson, Presly Holliday,*** Samuel W. Douglass, William Bell, Arthur C Watson*
Corporals, Joseph H. Green, William F. Johnson,* William Dixon, Burgrs Ware, William Broaden, Robert Anderson,* Edward F. Cobb,* Llyod Preston, John M. Lane.
Trumpeters, William Stanily, Eugene S. Fennell.
Farrier, Robert McDonald
Blacksmith, John Steward
Saddler, John Eubanks
Wagoner, Rand Harris

Privates, James H. Austin, William Adams, William Adkins, John Ayres, Thomas M. Berry,** Leonard R. Blackburne, George E. Braxton,** Harry Butler, William M. Bunn, Henry Birt, John Bowman, John H. Bowman, Major Bryant, William Bullet, James B. Bratcher, James A. Cherry, James S. Conway, Eddie Cook, Allen Cooper, Peyton Craig, Albert Currant, Richard Comps, Richard F. Doyle, George English,* Isaac Embra, Owen Evans, James d. fuller, Jesse Gay, William H. Gray, Robert T. Green, John G. Gregory, Mosley Gaines,* Seymore Gardner William M. Gregory,** Theodore Grice,** Geroge W. Gullion, John Gullion, Arthur Hamilton, Major Hockins, Lewis W. Holloway, Henry Hawkins, Samuel Hughes, Frank Jackson, William M. Jones, William Jackson,** Bradey Jewell, Charles A. Lee, Walter F. Locks, Jefferson Lucas, Thomas Mason, Courtney Matthews, Frank A Miller,** James H. Miller, Edward Mitchell, Marion W. Murphy, Charles Martin, James F. Miller, Cornelius Mitchell, John Morris,** William Myla, Edward W. Page, John Prim,** Will Palmer, William Pettie, Budd Pollard, John Rash, Sylvester L. Richardson, Henry Robinson, James Russell,** Peter Stewart, Henry Sawyer,* Fredrick Sheffield, Johnie Sreward, Fred Searcy, Isaac Shellington, Joseph J. Stevens, Blair Stout, Peter Saunders,** David Timberlake, Colvin C. Thomas, James Tucker, Thomas Taylor, Jesse W. Walker, Arthur G. Wheeler,** Edward N. Whitson, Willie Wilson, Edward Wallace, Spencer White, James H. Wicks, William Winn.

Troop "C":

1st Sergeant Adam Houston***
Sergeants, Henry Robertson, Thomas Griffin, Edward Lane, William Ancrum, Vodrey Henry, Walker Johnson, Tony Williams
Corporals, Thomas Dooms, Edward Jones, Samuel Covington, Thompson Murry, James M. Watkins, Benjamin Gaskins,
Trumpeters, Alexander Sulder, William Young
Farrier, Samuel Holden
Blacksmith, Joshua Ciik
Saddler, Benjamin Smith.

Privates, Walter Arnold, William Barks, Ether Beattie, Peter Bigstaff, Isaac Bright, Augustus Brown, William Bryant, David W. Barts, Norwood Branch, John Brown, William H. Brown, Benjamin F. Bryant, Robert Bush, James H. Camper, Edward C. Chelf, William H. Collins, Louis Carr, William L. Carter, Walter Chenault,  Sidney Clay, John Davis, Joseph S. Edwards, Charles E. Ellis, Robert French, Henry Graham, James Gunter, Alfred E. Griffth, Benjamin Hawkins, George L. Heyman, Sims Holms, McHenry Hudson, Claude Jackson, James Jackson, Charles Johnson, John Johnson, William H. Johnson, Samuel M. Jones, Charles Jones, Sidney Kirtley, James C. Lewis, Louis Marshall, William Matthews, Prince Mosley, Edward Nicholson, John H. Payne, William Palmer, George Rankins, Robert Ransom, Frank Ridgley, Forrest Robinson, Emory Salter, Joseph Seals, Robert T. Shobe, John W. smith, John J. Streater, James Stockton, Charles Scott, Oscar Scott, Charles C. Senters, Roy Smith, William Street, McCulloh Talley, William Turner, Benjamin F. Tyler, Henry Vineyard, William Wagner, Samuel Wallace, Lesley White, Matthew White, Henry wilson, Arnold Winslow, Willie Woods, John Wright, William H. Johnson(2)

Troop "D":

Captain John Bigelow Jr.
2nd Lieutenant A.E. Kennington
1st Sergeant William H. Givens*****
Quartermaster Sergeant James Elliot****
Blacksmith, Pleas Cooper
Saddler, Benjamin Brooks
Sergeants, William H. Bailey, Edward Johnson, J. H. Stratton, William H.
Hamilton, A.C. Winburn, Geroge Lewis
Corporals, Andrew Cooper, James Wormley, Luchious Smith,**** John
Walker,**** Meredieth Arnold, Bud Arnett, John Thornton
Trumpeters, Purcell Wiley, Sprague Sims
Farrier, Silas Johnson

Privates, J. B. Anderson, Charles Arnold, William Alexander, Matt Bell, Henry Bell, A. M. Berry, Lewis Boreman, Harry Brooks, Edward Brown, Robert Brown Jr, Samuel Bruden, Wade Bledsoe, Charles Boyd, William Brown, George Brookins, Arons Clay, Samuel Childers, Lawn Carroll, William Cannon, William Campbell, Standley Clauders, William Cissell, John H. Campbell, James Clay, Ennis Clark, William Downs, Edward Drivers, Albert Dade, C. V. Ervine, William Hill, Clarence Hall, Ezekiel Ficklin, Henry Fearn, Garfield Green, Jefferson Jones, Edward Johnson, William Johnson, F. E. Kelly, George Kellum, Enoch Johnson, Isaac James, William Lee, William Majors, William Miller, George Ramsey, H. C. Raymond, Neil Roper, Benjamin Robinson, W. H. Roberts, J. T. Simpson, James Sutton, Alexander Schockley, Harry Sturgis, J.H. Sanders, Evans Taylor, Thomas Taylor, George Teble, Otto True, J. F. Taylor, Robert Wallace, William Tyler, Charles Toliver, Charles White, Scott Worrior, Will Wright, J.C. Washington, Porter Whiesnant

Troop "E":

Captain Charles G. Ayers
1st Lieutenant Samuel D. Freeman
2nd Lieuteant, George Vidmer
1st Sergeant Peter McCown****
Quartermaster Sergeants,  Ozrow Gathe,****William Payne****
Sergeants, John Graham,**** Benjamin Fassitt,*** William C. Beckett,
Charles B. Turner*****John Taylor**
Corporals, William B. Hill, Fountain Howard, Thomas Herbert,**** John
Hughes, John Biggs, John R. Swan, John H. Henderson, Henry McComack,**
Williams Collins, Emmet Preston, William L. White
Farrier, B. F. Johnson
Blacksmith, Lewis S. Anderson**
Saddler, Edward Barr
Wagoner, Burr Neal,
Trumpeters, William H. Johnson, Willie Taylor, Joseph White

Privates, Joe B. Anderson, Joseph S. Allen, John L. Anderson, Robert Ash, Stephen Ashe, Charles Bailey, Richard Bailey, George Bardison, Charley Beard, Hays Brown, Hillie Brown,** James Brown, Caesar B. Brown, Clarence Burbridge, Simon Benn, John H. Brown, Charles Carver, Felix J. Cole, William Carter, Lewis clark, Eugene Curry, John Cosy, James A. Dyson, Issac G. Eighmie, Harry V. Evans, Henry Freeman, Frank Fry, William H. Fall, Murry Gibson, Gilmore Givens,** Oscar Gurnell, John H. Garrett, William N. Henderson, Douglass Harris, William Johnson, Oscar Johnson, William B. Kennedy, John Kellis, Edward Long, William H. Mitchell, Julius C. McIntosh, Iscar Mason, William R. Nelson, Freeman E. Pender, Willie Phillips, Silas Pitman, Charles Reddic, James S. Simpson, Issac Singleton, John Smith(1), John smith(2), Wilson M. Thompson, Burt Vandeburg, Agustus Wally,**** Allen. C. White,** E. Wilson, William L. White*

Troop "F":

Captain Thadeus W. Jones
2nd Lieutenant H. C. Whitehead
1st Sergeant Amos Elliston**
Quartermaster Sergeant Harrison Porter
Sergeants, Alfred M. Ray,*****Walker S. Rollins, Samuel H. Alexander,
William Barnes, Frank Rankin,*  Abraham W. Davis
Corporals, William H. Mitchem, Absom Hicks, Alonzo Bowens, John
Watson,** Willie Bolling, Allen Jones*
Trumpeters, Carey Lewers, Richard Cicell, Albert H. Squires
Farrier, Charles Taper
Saddlers, Albiron Denney, William H. Daniels
Blacksmith, Charles Robertson**
Wagoner, William McCauley
Cook, James C. Sanders

Privates, Walter W. Board, Garfield Brown, Tracy F. Brown,James H. Catlett, John H. Cole, Paul Crittenden, John R. Creighton, Grant Curtis, Hugh Dickerson, Fred Fisher, Albert Gaskins, Edward Gray, John Grover, Frank Hanks, Lindsey P. Holt,* Henry Jackson,** George Jackson, Thomas Jordan, Thomas Kinslow, John H. Laws, William Lee, Edward W. Manley, Walter Smith, Isom Taylor,** Julius Taylor, Walter Tolbert, Silas N. Wade, John Waters, Benjamin West, John Whiting, Charley Wilson, John W. H. Young, Jesse James, John Watson, Ernest Johnson,* George Mayo,* James P. Twisby,* Cornelius Martin, Seth Williams, Jerry Norris, Wiley Foster, William Glover, Frank Howard, Roy Long, David Merriman, Archie McElroy, George Pickins, Sherman Robinson, Clarence Wells

Troop "G":

1st Lieutenant Wi H. Smith*
2nd Lieutenant T. A. Roberts**
1st Sergeant Saint Foster*****
Sergeants, George Berry, Horace W. Bivins, Charles A. dorsey, William
Thacker, Charles Clifford, Ernest S. Washington,**
John Henderson, Richard Hopkins**
Corporals, Albert Davis, Fredrick D. Boyd, Marcellous Weight,** William
T. Wells, John I. Ray, Charles Parker, Washington H. Racks, Joseph
Trumpeters, James H. Cooper, Zachariah Steward
Blacksmith, John Duff
Saddler, Charles Copelle
Farrier, Harry Williams
Wagoner, George Thrasher
Cook, Silas Goldwaite

Privates, William Alexander, John Arnold,** Charles Arthur,** John Armfield, James Bell, Joseph Bird, Clarence L. Bluford, Emmitt L. Bluford, James Brantly, William Brown(1) John Brooks,* George Beeler, Sim D. Brantley, William Brown(2), Henry Buckner, Clifford Chambers, Lige Chester, Robert I. Drake,  William J. Davis, J.W.B. Dauglash Jr., George DeMore, Herbert Early, Charles English, Richard Finney, William Gale, Joseph Gates, Charles Ganson, Albert Gilbert, Perry Grayson, Andrew Hankson, Nelson Harris, John Holmes, William H. Holland, Henry P. Houston,John Henderson, William H. Jackson, Willie Johnson, William F. James, William Johnson, John H. Lee, Samuel J. Leonard, Edgar Loyd, William F. Lytle, Samuel T Minor,** Charles Manning, Albert McKay, Thomas L. Mosley, George A. Nielsen, Martin Nolan, clerence O'Neal, William H. Quickley, John Redd, John Roberts, Henry Scott, Hughes F. Shobe, George Smith, William E. Snowden, Hamilton O. Spriddles, William H. Slaughter,* Cliff Thornton, Maryland Thompson, Samuel N. Waller, John Wells, Irioin Whitson,

Troop "H":

Captain Levi P. Hunt
2nd Lieutenant Paul Resinger
1st Sergeant Shelvin Shropshire
Quartermaster Sergeant, Charles Faulkner
Sergeants, David T. Brown, Lucelius Drane, James H. Alexander, Edward H.
Braxton, Robert Lang, James Hopper
Corporals, James Ecton, Daniel Garrett, Andrew J. Jennings, George H.
Turner, Joseph Wooden, Edward Hartsfield, James Branch, John E. Lewis
Cook, Mack Harris
Trumpeters, William Plumo, Thomas Bunch
Farrier, George H. Washington
Blacksmith, William C. Ewell
Wagoner, James S. Barnes

Privates, Charles S. Allen, Dudley Anderson, Arthur Bell, Dennis Bell,**** Samuel Bergeon, Eddie J. Berryman, james Black, Frank Boyle, John R. Brooks, William Brown, John Bueford, Nathaniel Bullock, Frank Carroll, Earnest Cherry, Matthew R.C. Clark, Rufus E. Cobb, Albert Collier, Thurston G. Derrett, Frank K. Dickerson, Edward Dosier, Robert Edwards, George A. Garfield, Henry T. Galloway, Henry P. Gaines, William H. Gaston, William Graves, Edward Gynn, Thomas Hames, Augustus Hargrove, Oscar Hoffman, Lyman Holdman, Charles Holland, Williams Hose, Moses W. Hull, John Hurt, Frank C. Henry, William Harris, Frank C. Henry, Abrham Jackson,  William Jackson, Isaac Jernigan, Lewis Johnson, Richard Johnson, Edward Jones, Walter S. Jones, Joseph Kemp, Charles Lann, Martin C. McBride, Charles McGee, Simon Mothow, Williams Neal, Leywood Loving, Ollie Rodgers, George R. Ratcliffe, William Paterson, William K. Porter, Frank Robinson, Robert L. Shell, William Smith, John Strickland, Joseph Stevens, Charles Schawtz, Max Kwtz Steel, Clifford A. Sandridge, George H. Smith, William M. Strayhorn, John Timbers, Joseph Thomas, Charles I Taylor, John Wallace, E. N. Westfall, John White, Edward Ward, Walter Wilson, John S. Williams

Troop "I":

Captain S. L. Woodward
1st Lieutenant R. J. Fleming
2nd Lieutenant, A. M. Miller
1st Sergeant Robert Millbrown
Quartermaster Sergeant Benjamin F. Potts
Sergeants, Ananias Lumkins, John Dunton, Ulysses G. Gunter, Barry
Hanson, Major H. Peter, Phillip Roberts
Corporals, James M. Marshell, Benjamin Mayo, Miller Reed, Charles Dade,
George Smith, George H. Racks, Joseph Thompson, Elsie Simms, Joe
Trumpeters, John Nuble, Oscar N. Oden****
Saddler, Amos K. Edwards
Farrier, Sherman Harris
Wagoner, John Boland
Blacksmith, Calvin C. Burns

Privates, Alphonso Alexander, Frank D. Bennett, Tazwell Brigs, Thornton Burkley, James Barnes, Loyd Bell, William Berry, Albert Bruin, Gilbert Bryant, Matt Campbell, Wiley Cordel Gardner Coleman, John F. Chevin Jr, William H. Cook, Stephen H. Duboise, George Dabney, Edward Decker, Robert Dorsey, Luther Drake, Theodore Durdin, Thomas Evans,  Daniel Fant, John W. Frazier, Robert Glover, Morris Green, James Green, John Graham, Wills Groves, Clarence Hall, Thomas s, Hardy, Henry Haradaway, William Harrington, George J. Henson, Lewis Henderson, Frank Hayes Jr, Richard Hardin, Forrest Hampton, Hugh Hayes, William H. Jackson, John A. Humphrey,**** Willie Haughton, James Johnson, Wesley Jones, Elise Jones, John Kaholokula, George H. Kellar, Saint Leavill, Edward Lewis, Luther Lockery, Kelley Maberry, Victor L. Marshell, Frank Murry, George Metcalf, Elbridge Moore, Moses L. Murphey, George McReynolds, John Norman, Jesse Patton, Robert A. Payne, Ross Pendleton, Leonidus Piersaul Lee Pryor, Harry Porter, William Queen, Amos Reed, Samuel Redd, Houston Riddell, William richardson, James Recketts, William H. Shoecraft, John W. Simms, James Steward, Elsie Simms, George C. singleton, Alex Sivel, Frank Thomas, John Tell, John T. Thompson, Robert Wells, John Wilson, George Wilson, Daniel Walker

Troop "K":

Captain Robert D. Read Jr
1st Lieutenant R. G. Paxton
2nd Lieutenant H. B. Dixon
1st Sergeant Walter Green
Quartermaster Sergeant Philip Letcher
Sergeants, Robert Johnson, Thomas Young, Eugene P. Frierson, William H.
Hill, William Winrow
Corporals, William Turner, Exekiel Green, Thomas W. Murdock, Willie A.
Peterson, Watts Frierson, Edward A. Dorsey, Lowery Holowell, Robert E.
Williams, Beverly F. Thornton
Farrier, Ned Axom
Saddler, Archie Mills
Wagoner, Richard E. Robinson
Trumpeters, John Brown, John S Rhea

Privates, Benjamin F. Alexander, George Allen, John A. Anderson, Louis Anderson, David Bell, Jesse Benn, Caleb Benson, henry Bolden, Tillman Bonner, King C. Boykin, Farleigh Broadey, James W. Campbell, Wilson Carey, Fletcher Carter, Abraham Champ, Willie Coakgee, James Collins, Stephen W. collins, James Crook, William H. Crosby, Walter C. Davidson, John Davis, William L. Dawson, Albert L. Diggs, James H. Dodd, Robert Donson, Howard P. Dunn, Ernest Finley, Charles H. Ford, George Fultz, Rubie Gibson, Will Gleaves, James Grace, Virgil Hammonds, Nathaniel Harris, Preston Hayes, William Hayes, John T. Hopings, George Hudnell, Bernard A. Jackson, John A. Johnson, Harry R. Jones, Jackson Kendall, George Lapsley, Wade H. Leigh, William Lindsey, Issac Lewis, James E. Logan, Lewis Lloyd, Robert McAdoo, Robert B. Moore, Rufus Moore, Lindsey Morgan, Edward Nelson, Otis Obanion, James W. Penniston, Lonnie Pitts, Isaac C. Reddie, Robert Reynolds, Oscar G. Robinson, Julius B. Rucker, Archie M. Smith, Julius Stacy, James Stanton, Percy Standfield, Anderson F. Steward, Albert Tate, Willie Wiley, Daniel Williams, Willie A. Williams, Frederick Willis, George B. Willis, William H. Winger, Lee Woodson.


1st Sergeant Charles Perry
Quartermaster Sergeant,Alexander Nadell
Sergeants, Jefferson Dowling, William Johnson, William Lacy, George
Taylor, Clarence L. Proctor, William H. Pennean
Corporals, Noah Ridgley, James C. Myers, George Christian, Harvey Berry,
Charles W. Robertson, James Oden, Lucius H. O'Neal
Trumpeter, Edward Green
Farrier, Washington Scott
Saddler, Ruben Dearing

Privates, Martin Barnes, Charlex Berry, Edward Berry, Samuel Britton, Charles Butler(1),  Charles Butler(2), Richard Buckner, Robert Chanley, Robert Chenault, Stephen Clark, William A. Cleveland, Frank Calhoun, Harry Crocket, James Cruthen, Willie Dixon, Hall Duff, Fred Fowler, William Gilyard, James Greggs, William Harper, Isaiah F. Harris, Monroe Head, Charles H. Henderson, John Holmes, Squire Hudson, Walter Huff, Isaac Hunter, Hayes Daniels, Robert Dean, Mark Jackson, James Jackson, James jones, William Johnson(1), William Johnson(2), Edward Johnson, Scott Johnson, George Layne, William H. Lander, John B. Lucus, Clarence M. Lenard, Gid Long, John Lotterberry, George Martin, Stephen Meeks, William McMichael, Edward McDowell, Samuel Mcclung, Edward W. Moore, Richard Moore, Henry Monroe, George C. Mullin, William Noland, Henry C. Noland, Richard C. Parham, George Patterson, Edward B. Porter, William Preyer, Joseph A. Prestly, George Randell, George Robinson, Wilbarn Robinson, Ramie Rollins, Alfred Rollar, Jack Shannan, Isaiah Sanders, James N. Shaw, William Skelton, Albert Smith, Charles Smith, William Stafford, Joseph Starr, Alexander Taylor, John Talbot, Luther T. Thornton, William E. Walton, Joseph Watts, George Washington, John Weight,

Troop "M":

1st Sergeant Louis Smith
Quartermaster Sergeant Paschol Conley
Sergeants, Edward W. Nimms, Robert J. Noal, Robert J. Johnson, James L.
Minor, James B. Jelkes, Thomas Travillion
Corporals, George W. Newman, James c. Williams, John T. Crane, Clarence
Page, George H. Wanton,*** William H. White, William Watts
Cook, Boston Clay
Farrier, Bob Roberts
Trumpeters, McCallin Green, George Smith
Saddler, Thomas Boyd
Blacksmith, William Kelley

Privates, Jonh R. Acklin, Grant Burrus, George Bates, John Brewer, Robert Buckner, Albert G. Calloway, Charles Carter, James Chapman, Joseph Cheatham, Marion Cochran, James Crolly, Albert T. Cowings, Levi Cunningham, Charles A. DeHenderson, John Dickerson, Will Dixon, Clarence Dry, William Dunlap, Pike Eaves, Albert Ferguson, Stertes Ganson, Herbert J. Gaston, James Gleedon, John Glover, James D. Hale, Caesar Hendericks, Samuel Hite, John Henry, David Hughes, James N. C. Hughes, Willie  ohnson, Walter Johnson, william Jones, Henry Jordan, Charles H. Kniffley, James H. Lawson, Thomas D. Lancaster, Fritz Lee,*** Frank Logan, Luke Merriweather, Henry Miller, James B. Montgomery, Moses Murry, Ferdinand C. Newton, Emery Nothington, Thomas O'Neal, Clarence H. Owens, Benjamin F. Offutt, Jefferson Parker, Dorsie Peters, John Pierce, Loyd T. Poter, George Prince, Robert Price, Eddie Ratcliffe, McClellen Redd, Amos Roberts, Joseph Rodgers, Jesse Russel, Jermiah a. Sheridan, Richard Simpson, Harry Smith, Lawson Smith, Thomas smith, Edward Staley, William Stefy, Charles Tyer, William H. Thompkins,*** Edward Wallace, William Walker, Jesse Ware, James White, Preston F.W. Wickliff, Lucius Winchester, Edward Williams, Thomas Yancy, James Young

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