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The Gunners Battle Hymn

This song was written by Gunners Mike Subritzky, Warren Berkett, Don Stratton and Greg McElroy in about 1974. It was one of the songs that was produced on the 'Battery' song sheet and was sung by members of the Battery during the period of 1973 - 1979. The tune was stolen from the US Army's 3rd Division, and was in fact was turned into music by Sergeant Dave Lawrence, Cadre NCO for the RNZA Band. It was often played by the RNZA Band on parades and inspections during the above period. (It was also sung by all members of the Battery after the demolition of the JR's Canteen in Burnham in 1975, but that is another story).

I wouldn't wanna be,
in the Tanks or Infantry,
I'd rather be a Gunner like I am!!

I wouldn't trade my jungle greens,
for Ranger Squadrons cammed up jeans,
for I don't wanna jump out of no plane!!

And all the posters I read,
they say that Arty is best,
wearin' me down,
to put me over the test!

Well me, I load a gun,
and I come from 1-6-1,
and I'm waintin' for...
whatever comes my way!!!

So keep your ammunition!
Keep me on the Gun Position!
Cause 1-6-1- it's... Oh - Kay!!!

(whistle the above)

161 Battery