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Momma Told Sally

In the mid 1980's Teach MacCowan was the BSM of 161 Battery and he was very much into unit fitness. He introduced into the Battery several marching (doubling) songs that were called by himself or one member of the Battery, and replied by the entire unit. The Battery at this time in history was very fit and did a great deal of 'boot' runs, 'pack' runs and 'log' runs. The songs were sung at the double and many of them were very bawdy. They helped inspire esprit de corps and as well kept the unit together, and in step.

Momma told Sally not to go down town!   (repeat)
Too many Gunners been hangin' around!   (repeat)
Sally got the shits and she went on down!   (repeat)
Five months later she was big and round!   (repeat)
Nine months later out he came!   (repeat)
A Bombardier's baby and he had no name!   (repeat)

161 Bty