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The Glory of the Guns

Gunner MR Duncan

161 Battery RNZA

When the Battle Cry is spoken,
And the Voice of War is heard,
The soldiers of the Allies,
To battlefields do move.

The enemy is silent,
As if waiting for the sun,
Then they hear that awesome sound,
The booming of the Guns.

They shudder in their trenches
Within a gnawing fear,
Of knowing the Battery
Of 1-6-1 is here.

The shells come whilstling all around,
And wreck and break and knock things down,
Creating havoc among the lines
And all that it surrounds.

The enemy has broken
In torn and tired dismay,
Those so inclined
Get down on knees and pray.

The Allies are victorious,
The enemy is on the run,
Once again they have been beaten
By the Glory of the Guns.

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161 Battery