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Echo Gun

Bring it into Action!
Spin those trails around!
There's grunts up the sharp end,
screaming out for rounds.

Set the elevation!
Traverse on for line!
Stratton's just a'loaded,
there's still a little time.

Me, I'm on the left side!
Bob, he's on the right!
Dingus yells "You Ready Subs?"
the method's "Battery Right".

When the mission's over!
"Detachments to the Rear!"
"A little slow that time Subs",
John whispers in my ear.

Mike Subritzky
161 Battery

(Echo Gun L5 No: 01318)
161 Battery RNZA 1971/1973.
Sgt John Niwa
L/Bdr Jim Bell
Gnr Bob Down
Gnr Mike ('Subs') Subritzky
Gnr Don Stratton

This L5 Pack Howitzer is now located outside the New Lynn RSA.

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