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From its beginnings as an armed constabulary in 1846, through numerous reorganisations until the RNZA emerged, the history of the Permanent Force is entwined with the history of New Zealand. The pioneers, the Colonial Defence Force and the NZ Armed Constabulary are all forerunners of both the NZ Police and the NZ Army. This is a saga of courage and determination as a young country found its feet and became a nation, a force to be reckoned on the world scene.

Governor Grey forms an armed constabulary, 1846
Colonial Defence Force, 1862
NZ Armed Constabulary Force, 1867
NZ Constabulary, 1877
First Russian Scare
ML or BL, that is the question
Second Russian Scare
NZ Permanent Militia and NZ Permanent Artillery, 1886
NZPM used by Police and Prisons
NZ Permanent Militia becomes NZ Permanent Force, 1897
Dog tax Revolt in the Hokianga, 1898
Lead up to the South African War, 1899 - 1902
South African War, 1899 - 1902
Between Wars
Royal New Zealand Artillery, 1902
RNZE joins RNZA, 1907
NZ Staff Corps and NZ Permanent Staff, 1909
Gallipoli, 1915
Post-war Reorganisation
Overseas Training
Methods of Instruction
Communications in the 1930s
Transport in the 1930s
War Clouds, 1939
World War 2 Equipment
Promotion during War
Return from World War 2

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