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I have included here not only links to the RA during WW2 but also artillery links world wide of any period, WW2 history sites, military vehicles and model making sites.

If you want a link to your site added here, please contact me.

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If you find a site you think may be useful or if any of these links are dead, let me know.

RA in WW2
British Artillery in WW2 - an excellent site on the organisation and technical aspects of the RA
War Gunner - 58 Med Rgt RA
Royal Artillery - Details of WW2 guns & vehicles
War Diary - 341 Bty, 86 Fd Rgt (Herts Yeo) Jun 44 - Apr 46
Searchlight Restoration Project - Restoration of a 150 cm Searchlight
Fort Siloso - History on one of the Singapore Gun Batteries
Workington Coast Defence Battery - a well researched site that includes the defence of Workington

Model Making
Tony Matteliano’s Scale Model Index
Missing Links
MAFVA - Home page of the Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicles Association
Bolton IPMS

General Artillery
Gunner Net
Firepower - The RA Museum, Woolwich
History & Lineage of the RA
Australian Gunners - Old Comrades Association - includes many useful links

WW 2
7th Armoured Division
Battlefields of WW2
Underground Kent - An excellent site covering gun batteries and more
D-Day Museum, Portsmouth, UK - A very professional site with plenty of interesting links - recommended
World War II, a British focus

ATS Remembered - A very detailed site, recommended

World War II a British Focus

AAJLR - Home page for any ex-members of the All Arms Junior Leaders Regiment