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The aim of this site is to record the service of the Royal Regiment of Artillery during World War 2.
The site is divided into sections by unit type (e.g. field, medium etc.) which are accessed via the
“Units” page.

Selecting a section will take you to either an index of units within that section or to an information page.
The index pages then link to individual units.

The site is designed for both historians and model makers, Therefore as well as a record of where the units served and under which formations, information is also given on the weapons and equipment used and the markings carried on them.

The last date given in the “locations” table is also where the unit finished the war unless it is shown as converted, disbanded etc.

No presumptions have been made with the data. For example, if a unit is shown as having 25 pdrs in 1944 this only means that this is the earliest date for which reference has been found even if they were certain to have had them before this date.
The exception to this will be the standard vehicle markings which, as they are added, will follow the wartime rules unless photographic or documentary evidence proves differently.

I would like to thank Grenville Lea-Smith for his help and professional advice on page design and Andy Talbot for assisting with the research and allowing me access to his personal library. Also special thanks to Peter Brown for his encouragement and providing some hard to find information and Paul Middleton for his continued support.