British Army vehicles carried a range of markings during the war. This site will concentrate on the Formation Signs, Arm of Service markings and Tactical Signs carried by the RA plus any individual unit or vehicle markings that are known e.g. vehicle names. Also given is a list of Bridge Classification Numbers for vehicles and guns used by the RA.

Formation Signs

These signs were introduced in October 1939. Regulations stated that they were only to be used in the UK or by the BEF in France. They were not authorised for use in other theatres until 1941. As some RA units changed formations on an almost monthly basis, formation signs were not always carried. Details of formation signs can be found in the �Formations� section. In the absence of any specific information, the regulation markings will be shown.

Arm of Service Markings

These were also introduced in October 1939 and consisted of a coloured patch in Regiment or Corps colours (red over blue for the RA) with a unit serial number in white. These numbers were issued in blocks to formations and indicated the type of regiment e.g. Inf Div A/Tk Regt rather than the specific unit. Details of these signs can also be found in the �Formations� section. The
comments in Formation Signs above also apply.
Prior to 1943 the AoS sign was supposed to be carried on a reversible plate with PASS in white on khaki on the reverse. These plates were phased out by 1943 and the AoS sign painted directly on the vehicle in most cases.
Shortly after introduction, a system of 2 inch white bars was authorised to indicate formations above Divisional level. These were a horizontal bar above the sign for Corps and below it for GHQ troops.

Tactical Signs

Bridge Signs