PT Boat Books
This is not meant to be a complete list of all books related to PT boats and coastal craft...just a compilation of books currently in my collection.

Chun, Victor. American PT Boats in WWII
Bukleley, Capt. Robert J., USNR.
At Close Quarters--PT Boats in the United States Navy

Scott, Lt. Cdr. Peter, RNVR.
Battle of the Narrow Seas                 
Cooper, Bryan.
Battle of the Torpedo Boats
  ------------------PT Boats

Vetter, Lt. Cdr. Ernest G.,USNR. Death Was Our Escort          
Breuer, William.
Devil Boats; The PT War Against Japan

Beaver, Paul and Patrick Stephens.
E-Boats and Coastal Craft

Ross, Al, and Bob Ferrell. Early Elco PT Boats

The Electric Boat Co. Elco PTs in Action

Higgins Industries, Inc.
The Eureka News Bulletin, 1942-1943

Lambert, John.
The Fairmile `D` Motor Torpedo Boat
Fock, Harald
. Fast Fighting Boats

Nelson, Curti
s L. Hunters in the Shallows 

Wiper, Steve. Kriegmarine Schnellboote

Cave, Hugh B
. Long Were The Nights

Keating, Bern. The Mosquito Fleet

Rappleya, Geor
ge W. Navigational Wrinkles For Combat Motor Boats                   

Dickens, Capt. Peter G. C.
, RN. Night Action: MTB Flotilla at War

Connelly, T. Garth
. PT Boats in Action
------------Vosper Motor Torpedo Boats in Action

Keresey, Dick.
PT 105
Donovan, Robert J
. PT 109--John F.Kennedy in WWII

Lent, Henry B.
PT Boat

Hoagland, Lt. Cdr. Edgar D., USNR. The Sea Hawks

Searles, Cdr. John M., USNR. Tales of Tulagi
White, William L
. They Were Expendable
Ferrell, Bob
. The United States Mosquito Fleet

Johnson, Frank D
. United States PT Boats of WWII 

Lawrence, Hal
. Victory at Sea: Tales of His Majesty`s Coastal Forces
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