By Dr. Patrick L. Cooney

Lake George is out of my area. I tend to be obsessive about these things and donít go out of the area.

But there is this matter of friendship. My friend Phil had always talked about his love for Lake George and how beautiful it is.

This was the first time he had been in Lake George for some 5 to 6 years. He sighed saying that "Certainly, my best memories are here." "I lost five long years."

And so I decided to encourage him to go to Lake George. And to do so it occurred to me that I should make this more enticing for him by suggesting that I go along with him. I know Phil likes to tell people about Lake George and so what more attractive prospect than showing a friend around the lake, especially one with an interest in botany.

So I suggested the idea to him and he got really enthused and took the ball and really ran wit it. He did all the work in making motel reservations, boat reservations, and reservations for a campsite on one of the many islands in Lake George.

He was especially enthused because he wanted to document some of the botanical species on the islands and trails that he loves so much.

Now I love the idea of getting a plant list for the islands and the larger Lake George area. But I am not just a botanist. I am interested also in the geology of the area and also the areaís history. And I also love biography. So I thought to myself, why not approach the subject in a way that I could cover all my interests.

So here is Lake George as seen through the eyes of the Duckett family along with information about the geology and history of the area.

A Few of the Islands and Mountain Trails of Lake George

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