Photo Tour of Fishkill Creek





Doug Phillips Park, bridge and park, Rt. 52, Brinckerhoff, Town of Fishkill

Doug Phillips Park - Town of Fishkill


Sarah Taylor Park, just east of Rt. 9, Town of Fishkill

Sarah Taylor Park - Town of Fishkill


Oldtown Road, views from close to Brookside Drive

Oldtown Road Near Brookside Drive


Jan Van Pelt Park, Washington Street to Maple Street on other side of the creek, Town of Fishkill

Jan Van Pelt Park - Town of Fishkill


old closed bridge, dead end street, off Liberty Street at end of Bridge Street, city of Beacon

Old Closed Bridge at Bridge Street - City of Beacon


East Main Street, Historic District & Beacon Falls, City of Beacon

Beacon Falls - September 2011 & January 2010

Historic District & Trail West of Falls


Churchill St., temporarily closed bridge because of hurricane Irene, City of Beacon

Bridge Churchill Street  January 2010

Bridge Churchhill Street January 2010


Bridge Wolcott Avenue (Route 9D), City of Beacon

Bridge Wolcott Avenue January 2010


Madam Brett Park, tioranda dam & waterfall, former hat factory, red & white trails to marsh overlooks, South Avenue, City of Beacon

Madam Brett Park - Tioranda Dam & Waterfall

Madam Brett Park - Former Hat Factory with Red & White Trails


Paye Avenue, glimpse of the mouth of the Fishkill Creek with railway trestle, City of Beacon

Paye Avenue - Glimpse of Fishkill Creek Mouth