Every kind of music interest is catered for on the web, including medieval. If you want to find the Mediaeval Baebes fan site, or the discography of any other performing group, there are plenty of resources for doing it. Here are a few other bits and pieces.

Gregorian Chant Home Page

This is a major link page for anybody interested in medieval music, especially Gregorian chant. However, it also has links to other sites specialising in other types of medieval music.

A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

For retro musos, do you want to find out about a gamba, hurdy gurdy, zink? The home page is plain and simple with instruments in a table. The text is brief but there are book and web references, pictures of people in funny clothes playing the instruments and, for those with patience in waiting for download, very brief sound files. There are also links to some very esoteric societies. The web design is totally retro, which somehow fits the scene perfectly.

Instruments pour Jouer les Musiques du Moyen Age

Yes, this is a French language site but there are some English pages, while the photographs and sound files are universal. This is a huge site on medieval musical instruments with photographs of reproduction instruments, artworks featuring instruments and sound files. There is an enormous number of links to other medieval music sites. One for a rainy day!

The Internet Renaissance Band

A generous soul, a muso of course, has placed a site full of medieval and renaissance midi files on the Web for your enjoyment. Furthermore, you can download the whole site as an archive, unzip it, and play happy tunes through your Soundblaster while you write your essays. Well no, the General Midi standard doesn't actually provide for a psaltery or a crumhorn, but you can fudge it.

Classical Music Archives: Early Music

This used to be simply a midi site, but now includes real performances in streaming audio formats. It is a steadily expanding resource. Every early music enthusiast should know about it.

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