This web site is being constantly updated, as even though we are no longer directly involved in teaching courses, we like to keep up to date ourselves. URL changes seem to have slowed a little of late, but it still keeps happening. There is an increasing quantity of material on the web for medieval studies, particularly in the area of supplying text resources. This is a great boon as things get tight in the library. You can find primary sources and a great deal of secondary reading on the web. There are some great visual sites in the areas of manuscript studies and architecture, less in archaeology and other art areas. New truly blockbuster epic sites appear only slowly, but there are some very fine examples out there now. Major institutions like libraries and museums are steadily increasing the quantity and quality of their web resources. There is a trend towards putting significant database resources on the web for research use, which is a great boon. Alternatively, increasing numbers of pioneering sites are disappearing or just gradually becoming less than useful as their owners retire or give up the unequal struggle.

In order to make the most effective use of this truly global resource, there are a few basic points to consider.

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