A Glossary of the Medieval Church

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This glossary was originally compiled for students of John Tillotson's course "The History of the Medieval Church" at the Australian National University, Canberra. Now that he is retired, we have put it out here for anyone to use.

The material in this glossary derives from many sources in print or on the web, and available to all. Its only unique feature is that it compiles together words relating to many different aspects of the medieval church; structure and hierarchy, liturgy, architecture, art and suchlike that normally live in their own subject specific dictionaries. One day we are going to turn it into a blockbuster, illustrated, annotated, hyperlinked, multimedia epic, but in the meantime, it is quite handy for looking up those special little words.

Compiled by Dianne Tillotson. Now part of her Medieval Writing web site.

Last updated 11/8/2004.