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This web site is a small gateway to information on the following particular military history topics:

The American Revolution:

Groups that study and commemorate the American Revolution. Round Table (ARRT) organizations are listed at American Revolution Round Table. The ARRT page links to some other sites concerning the Revolution.

Information on the French auxiliary military troops that participated in the American War for Independence, from 1780 to 1783, is at:
Expédition Particulière.

Medieval Warfare in Western Europe:

These sites address topics that are rarely covered in the popular, general military history publications.

The final, ten-year war that ended the Spanish Reconquista, the Conquest of Granada (1481-92).
Reference to the most comprehensive and available English text source on the epic war.

The Société de l'Oriflamme sponsors the development of web pages and publications that examine European medieval warfare with a broader perspective than found in the general English language sources.
This page serves as a gateway to specific topics, the pages under continous development.
  • The final phase of the Hundred Years' War (1337-1453) between England and France, most appropriately designated The War of Charles VII (1422-1453).
  • Medieval Siege Macnines.
  • Fifteenth-Century Gunpowder Weapons.

Tent Camping

Not related to military history is a page to share information on tent camping. At present it contains only information of the experiences of one American couple's experience camping in France. However, the intention is to expand the content and link to other sites on this topic.

The author of this page is a writer and artist on topics of military history.
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