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Last update 9/5/2016

My Railroad Stocks and Bond Collections
Welcome to my website dedicated to the hobby of Scripophily. The collecting of antique stocks and bonds. My main collecting theme has changed. I will be collecting in two areas only. One will be railroad issues pre-1917 from my home state of Missouri. Also railroad stocks or bonds from southern issuers from the Civil War. All other stocks in my present collection will be sold or traded. If your are interested in any piece that does not fit my new collecting theme. Please email me.

Note none of my collection is kept at my home. All of it is held at my bank's vault. It may take a few days to a week to ship items.

Please note all the images are mine and there use is prohibited unless you have permission. Email  me at [email protected].

Note also to refresh the pages from time to time for updates to the collection. The pages do take a few seconds to load depending on computer speeds.