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Ford T-16 Carrier This T-16 was photographed at a private museum in the United States. It is very complete inside and out, but unfortunately, bad lighting and an even worse camera precluded some good detail shots. It is equipped with a [rare] complete set of fender skirts, which were usually discarded the first time the crew had to change a thrown track or clean out packed mud.

T-16 Carrier Detail of the rear of the T-16. It is noticeably different from the Universals by lack of a rear deck. Note also the routing of the exhaust pipes at the top of the stowage box. Also, note the towing attachment is generic, as opposed to a modification of the Stacey unit used on Mk.II* carriers. A standard U.S. tail light can also be seen on the right rear. There is a lot of room inside a T-16; it's a full eleven inches longer than a standard Universal.

T-16 Carrier Right side interior. The engine housing seems much more robust than that of the Universals, with two separate access ports rather than complete panels. Inside is the more robust U.S. Ford Mercury 239ci engine, producing the same 95hp as the Canadian, but much easier to rebuild now, as it is the same engine which powered a whole generation of civilian Ford cars and trucks.

T-16 Carrier A very bad shot of the driver's position. Note the tiller bars (all four - two for power to left and right tracks, and two for braking left and right) and the extra room for the driver in the absence of a steering wheel and column. Note also the similar instrument cluster, as well as the padded vision port. 

T-16 The next two pics are courtesy of Chris Shillito (Armour in Focus), who captured a well-stowed T-16 at Beltring last year. The owner of this example has obviously taken his restoration to heart... good man! Maybe this year he'll have a 6 pdr to go with it... note the water bucket (feed bucket? Question - what do you feed a carrier? Answer - Anything it'll eat!)

T-16 At speed past an ominous line of German armour. No wonder! If carriers have souls, then this one must be quaking in its tracks... I truly admire the owner for the detail and accoutrements he has chosen to display with his T-16 - truly a carrier in context! This shot indicates the support offered by the extra roadwheel on each side.

T-16 "Molly" is a restored T-16 which belongs to the Isle of Wight Military Vehicle Group in the U.K. Check out their site for an impressive collection!  Note that both these next two carriers sport solid roadwheels, in contrast to the example above.

T-16 This shot was sent to me last year by someone whose email was vapourized with my last hard drive. If this pic belongs to you, please contact me for appropriate credit, else I'll pull it if that is your wish. Note the radical difference in forward configuration.... the armour in front of the driver slopes upward to the vision port; coupled with tiller bar steering, this allows much greater room for the driver, who, in the Universals, had to be somewhat skinny and flexible.

Editor's Note: If anyone has any other good quality photographs of T-16 carriers, MAPLE LEAF UP would very much like to publish them on this page. Thank you!

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