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The Monument
Right-hand view of the memorial shortly after the ceremony on May 5th, 1995. Art Bell, veteran of the 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment, made a donation towards the planting of flower beds around the memorial. This was done after 5 May to avoid them being trampled by the crowds.
The three wreaths can be seen in front of the Kangaroo, as well as the flag poles on the left and the plaque affixed to the railway sleeper on the right. The plaque reads (in English and Dutch):  "In remembrance of the First Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment. Founded in our municipality of Mill on the 24th of October 1944 with the device ARMATOS FUNDIT".
The plaque is one of several similar ones that can be found around Mill, pointing out 'traces of the war'. All plaques are affixed to railway sleepers, a reminder of the derailing of a German armoured train at Mill in May 1940.

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