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Dedication Ceremony
On the Dutch National Liberation Day, the 5th of May 1995, the memorial was officially unveiled. Every five years, the Canadian and Dutch governments sponsor a number of commemorations organised by local authorities and interest groups. The 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands was especially well organised. A total of some 140 Canadian veterans (including a number of young boys and girls representing the Canadian youth) embarked on an exhaustive 9-day trip to the Netherlands. The programme included ceremonies and wreath laying at various War Cemeteries, liberation parades, museum visits, etc. The interest in veterans attending the various commemorative festivities was so large that the group had to be split up in several smaller ones to accommodate all interests.
Some 40 to 50 veterans were present at Mill. They were welcomed at the municipality house after which they marched, accompanied by a band, to the memorial at the Langenboomseweg. Speeches were held by the Mill's Mayor, Mr. Daandels, the chairman of Myllesheem, Ms. Moors and the Canadian attache, Mr. Nicholson. Art Bell, the only veteran of the 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment present, unveiled a plaque commemorating the efforts of the Regiment.

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