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Here is a NJ railroad frequency list. This is not a list that was just copied from another site or out of a radio frequency guide book, it was gathered by a number of publications and generous people.
If you have any frequencies that I have not listed, or corrections, then send them to me.

AmtrakNEC Road160.920
AmtrakPolice Dispatch160.205
AmtrakPolice Mobile160.295
Black River & WesternGeneral Operations161.085
ConrailNorth Jersey Terminal Dispatcher*160.860
ConrailSouth Jersey Dispatcher161.070
ConrailNorth Bergen Yard160.740
ConrailMt. Laurel movement desk/Jitney dispatch161.430
ConrailPolice Dispatch160.680
ConrailPolice Mobile160.560
CSXTrenton Line160.980
CSXRiver Line160.980
Morristown & ErieRoad160.230
Morristown & ErieYard161.100
NJ TransitNewark Division Road161.235
NJ TransitHoboken Division Road161.400
NJ TransitAtlantic City Line161.400
NJ TransitYard160.950
NJ TransitMOW160.440
NJ TransitMOW161.115
NJ TransitPolice Dispatch160.830
NJ TransitPolice Mobile161.520
New York Susquehanna & WesternRoad160.485
New York Susquehanna & WesternLittle Ferry Yard160.575
Norfolk SouthernLehigh Line(West of Manville, NJ)161.070
Port Authority Trans Hudson (PATH)Road160.470
Port Authority Trans Hudson (PATH)MOW161.460
Port Authority Trans Hudson (PATH)Yard161.040
Port Authority Transit Co. (PATCO)Road500.9125
Port Authority Transit Co. (PATCO)Power Dept.500.8375
Port Authority Transit Co. (PATCO)Maintenance500.8875
Port Authority Transit Co (PATCO)Police500.8125
Southern RR of NJGeneral Operations Ch. 1161.385
Southern RR of NJGeneral Operations Ch. 2160.355
U.S. Navy RailroadGeneral Operations(NWS Earle)140.025
West Jersey Short LineGeneral Operations161.025

* Conrail North Jersey Terminal Dispatcher controls joint trackage operated by NS, CSX, and CP Rail and trackage operated by Conrail in the shared assets areas.

Radios that I own:

Motorola Railroad Spectra: Yes, this is the radio that is in most railroad locomotives. (Aerotron is another Competitor) Almost the size of a small VCR, it has 99 channels(Only programmed with the 97 AAR Frequencies)although it doesn't scan. By far it is the best reciever I've got and is on quite a bit when I am home. Next time I have some print film in my camera I'll take a few shots and upload them to the site.

Motorola MT1000: You won't see me railfanning without it(GUARANTEED!)... This 16 channel comptuer programmed portable radio is the king of all portables, even compared to some of Motorola's latest models. Super sensitivity in it beats all other railfan's scanners I've sompared it with, even some mobiles with external antennas. It's loud crisp audio is great trackside and so is the battery life. When I went out to Horseshoe Curve in November 1999, I used only one Hi-capacity battery for the entire two day trip!

Sony ICF-SC1 "Wavehawk": Great handheld unit... 300 channels with 25-1300MHz coverage with NO GAPS(except for cellular). Great sensitivity and featres make it a nice all around unit. FMW reception mode allows you to listen also to FM radio and VHF and UHF TV broadcasts. If you are looking for a handheld scanner, I'd reccomend it!

Uniden Bearcat SC150B: Nice intermediate handheld unit, although I kind of outgrew it's features... This 100 channel radio is pretty much a good starter unit for someone getting into scanning. Right now it is on a long term loan to a friend who thinks it's the most amazing thing!!!

Radio Shack PRO-2044: Pretty much your basic run of the mill base scanner. 80 scannels with the normal bands up to UHF-HI. That one I pretty much keep on standby with emergency frequencies incase I here any sirens or anything like that.

Electra Tigerscan: Very small and compact two scannel unit. Yes, I said two. For a pocket sized(literally) scanner it has sensitivity that rivals basic full sized hand held scanners. It runs on a 9V battery and you can get it new for around $60. It's so small and compact I leave it in the car just in case...

A great and quick addition to any handheld scanner is to get a replacement antenna. Probably the best one I tested was made by Watson Antennas. It is model number W881. Just over a foot long, this whip style antenna sometimes comes close to the reception that my MT1000 gets when I put it on my SC-1.

If you are looking to purchase a scanner or accesories(like the Watson W881 antenna) I'd recommend purchasing them from Scanners Unlimited out in California. They have excellent prices and probably some of the best customer service I've delt with. That is where I bought my SC-1 and some other stuff and I am 100% satisfied with the service. (I have no connection to them other than I am a satisfied customer)

If you have a question about railroad radio frequencies, radio equipment, or anything else related to what I mentioned above feel free to ask me.

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