WWW HAM-RADIO Servers List

Technical Pages
CSP - Home Made HamRadio Technical Page
Low Cost Wireless Video
SSTV - Low Scan Amateur Television Home Page
Amateur Electronic Supply
The largest distributor of Ham Radio equipemnts in the world
Lowe Electronics
The Virtual Short Wave Receiver Store
The Kenwood home page
Ham Radio Outlet
Personal Data Base Applications Amateur Radio Software
A wonderful site!!!
Packet Radio and Networking
KA4BYP's Packet Radio Web Page
Dedicated to High Speed Packet Networking
Packet Radio
Equipment Options for Medium to High Speed Packet Radio
The Packet Radio Home Page
The TAPR Home Page
The Brazil HAM Page
Satellite tracking predictions
SAREX Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment
The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
John Boyers Weather Image
Amateur Satellite Page SatTrak eprom files
The grey-line: You can see what side of the earth is dark or light
All keplerian elements for Amateur Radio Satellites direclty on your desk! (in NASA format).
Various Ham Resources
QRZ Ham Radio Cd-Rom
Search a call here
Add your call here
Add your QSL-card here
Pointers to Web resources pertaining to Ham Radio at WWW.QRZ.COM
DK0TUI Radio related information and links
OH2BUA Web Cluster DX Spots and infos from Packet Cluster
The Worlds Hotspots for Amateur Radio Information & News by Geoff GJ4ICD.
The Buckmaster World Wide HamCall(tm) Server.
QSL Info System by IK4LZH: a QSL-info database.
Over 500 HAM related Pages on Internet
Some Ham Associations & Clubs
SONRA Society Of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs
Boston Amateur Radio Club Home Page
DRA the Delaware Repeater Association, Inc.
Amateur Radio Serving Delaware
The ARRL Home Page:
the site of the American Radio Relay League, Inc.
The Potomac Valley Radio Club by Steve Affens K3SA.
EA4RCT Radio Club Escuela Técnica Superior de Telecomunicación de Madrid.
AER, Asociación Española de Radioescucha
IK1XHT.AMPR.ORG Radio Gateway Project, Turin University, Italy.
Montgomery Amateur Radio Club, Maryland, USA.
SWL & Ute listeners
AIR Associazione Italiana Radioascolto
The italian SWL & BCL association.
Radiorama the best Italian radio magazine
WUN : the Web Home Page for the Worldwide Utility News Group.
An electronic club for sharing news and information about Utility trasmissions on the radio spectrum.
Shortware Dxing Page
All you can find about SWL, BCL or UTE listeners is on this page, you can also try the DRAKE R8 Virtual Receiver !
BCDX Utility News
The Utility Home Page of Benelux DX Club
A complete page about fax world !
Nordic Shortwave Center
AER, Asociación Española de Radioescucha
Airwaves MediaWeb: Art, Business and Science of Radio Broadcasting since 1991

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