The Radio and Television Museum of
RAI - Italian Radio and Television

In the 100 years anniversary since Marconi's invention of Radio, RAI Radio and Television Museum took part to all exhibitions of National Celebrations Committee sponsored by Guglielmo Marconi Foundation to honour the memory of this great italian and to remember the meaningful stages of his course in the field of communications.

The RAI Museum participated to the historical-scientific exhibition "From Marconi to the music of the stars" held in King Enzo's Palace in Bologna from April the 3rd to June the 4th, 1995, and is present at the Exhibition "Marconi: 100 years of Radio" inaugurated at the Vittoriano in Rome on October the 20th 1995 (opened until February the 16th, 1996). The Museum showed also its collections at the PRIX ITALIA '95, to the international public of broadcasting operators in the RADIOEXPO in Bologna, a show of private and public national radio broadcasting stations.

Among the many other shows to which RAI took part, there are some minor but extremely meaningful ones as: "Marconi: from Tigullio Gulf to the World", organized by the A.R.I. section in Rapallo (Genova), and the last one in "Ezio Mariani" Gallery sponsored by the City of Seregno, to which a special contribution was granted by a fond collector, Mr. Remo Filippini.

The presence of RAI Museum in the City of Seregno allows the visitors of this show to navigate on the INTERNET, the world telematic network, to obtain informations about Guglielmo Marconi's life and discoveries, to read a history of communications and to discover Italian programs of broadcasting stations in the whole world.

Transl. by IK1QFT Andrea Valori
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