December the 11th, 1995 - June the 30th, 1996
Exhibition at the
National Museum of Science and Technics "Leonardo da Vinci"
in Milan, Italy.

One hundred years ago Guglielmo Marconi was able to transmit signals by radio between two sets almost two kilometers far, hidden the one to the other from a hill. The wirelesss communication was born, ableto overcome natural obstacles or artificial places between the receiving and the transmitting stations: real a dream for that time! Thanks to new sets and to new studies, that communication system will quickly have success.

For many years Marconi will be in the van in the development of the radio technology: he is able to give a productive and commercial dimension to the own intellectual enterprise, protecting the own inventions with patents and founding societies that for long time will be the gteatests to make apparatuses and to install radiotelegraphyc stations.

In about 1920 broadcasting and industry for the production of civic use receivers have developped . In about ten years the use of the wireless communication made a name for itself in a completely different way from the primitive one: we have communication no more between a station and another one, with the possibility for both to receive and to transmit, but between a transmitting station and numerous receiving sets, that could not transmit as they turn up; we have no more prevalently service communication but entertaining communication.

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