form Marconi to the future of communications

Rome, Vittoriano
21st October 1995 - 11st February 1996

The exhibition takes place at the Vittoriano, the national monument dedicated to the king Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome. This initiative wants to give the visitor an opportunity of knowledge, information and reflection. Today in the radio are merged new interests for discover it again and new interests towards the tecnologies of the past; this last aspect is part of a general new discovery of some traditional values of the culture and for the technolo cal archeology. The radio that communicates and gives information, the radio that rescues and helps, the radio that amuses and entertains, without never asking conditions to the context of space and time: I think that all this deserves all our attention. Through the radio, our respect, our admiration and our interest for Marconi will last long in time and it will help us to understand the dynamic, the greatness, but also the limits of a technological development untied from the values of freedom, autonomy and humanity.

Luigi Campanella
MUSIS President, University of Rome "La sapienza"

Our exhibition dedicated to Marconi and to the One Hundred Years of Radio, that our Gruppo Prospettive organized, represents a further moment of confirmation and growth of its own philosophy of work. The opportunity to make an exhibition that has been related to the communication and the technology with incalculable consequences on the culture of our century, and on the figure of Marconi, the inventor, scientist and entrepreneur that such a revolution has started and followed in its first decades, has offered to the Gruppo Prospettive the occasion to make a new initiative able to entertain and then to better vulgarize contents of certain historic and scientific importance. The operation has been conducted worrying first to assure the quality consistence and the scientific and informative exactness. Thanks to the effort and the enthusiasm lavished, the exhibition represents a strict and a well-balanced testimony, and then an open window on the work and personality of Marconi.

Alessandro Nicosia
President of Gruppo Prospettive

1895-1995: one hundred years in wich history of human kind has been deeply marked by one invention, the Radio, that a very young Guglielmo Marconi made near Bologna, his hometown. Using the capital in writing the word radio has here the purpose of underlining that with this word we want to show all the consequences, direct and indirect, derived from when Marconi made his first experiments, from radiotelegraphy to radiotelephony, from television to radar, from radionavigation to the industrial and medical applications, from radio- astronomy to the possibility to investigate the universe around us. This exposition also tells in a visual way what has happened in these "One Hundred Years of Radio" and helps remembering the overcame difficulties, the victories obtained, the real moments of glory lived by the people that of radio and its developments has been creators. The exhibition has also the purpose to start a talk, that it could be continued in the next years, which argument is the present situation and the possible developments of a technical-scientific field that, moving from radio, includes everything could be referred to the world of electronics.

Gian Carlo Corazza
President of the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation

One hundred years of radio, one hundred years of transformations in communi cation and social life, from the first signals of Marconi to the telecommu nication of the present and the future: if the satellites and the space sounding objects respond to the commands sent from Earth, if they send us information and images not only of the Earth, but also of far celestial bodies, it's possible thanks to the extraordinary invention of Guglielmo Marconi. But if the radio would be just this, its one hundred anniversary wouldn't be felt as something that concerns all of us: the fact is that the ability of controlling radio waves has changed our everyday life, our habits, our way of being informed and entertained. For realizing this is sufficient imaging (but is it really possible ?) a world without radio. I would like to express the greeting and the gratitude of the city of Rome to the National Comitee for the Celebration of the One Hundred Anniversary of the Radio, to the Marconi Foundation and to the MUSIS (the Museum of Sciences and the Scientific Information in Rome) for promoting the initiative; to the trustees, to the Gruppo Prospettive and to the organizer and collaborator bodies for the carrying out of the exhibition and the catalogue; to the Sopraintendenza ai Beni Culturali, to the militar authorities, to the presidency of the Institute for the Story of Italian Risorgimento and to the direction of the Central Museum of Risorgimento, for partecipating, each one respecting his own role, in the attainment of this important result.

Francesco Rutelli
Major of the city of Rome

Pictures from the exhibition catalogue:

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