Philatelic club "GUGLIELMO MARCONI"

30 years ago, in October 1966, seven people, Giuseppe Dall'Olio, Mauro Fanti, Claudio Giovagnoni, Clara Lolli, Mrs. Lucchi and Roberto Mariucci, constituted the philatelic club "Guglielmo Marconi". The club had two goals:

  1. to develop and to promote the passion for philately, especially among young people;
  2. to spread the work and the life of Marconi through philately.

    During these 30 years the Club has organized up to 53 initiatives: 6 national philatelic shows with philatelic and numismatic meetings, from 1971 to 1977 (then it had to stop organizing them, becuse there were no places suitable for those kind of shows), 2 shows about the "Resistenza" in Sasso, a nationale philatelic show in Bologna, Palazzo Re Enzo, during the 8th National Meeting of the Italian Sailors, another show in Vergato, 2 others in Marzabotto, other in Casalecchio and in S. Giorgio di Piano. Moreover, it has taken part in many shows both in Italy and abroad.

    In 1974, for the 1st centenary of Marconi's birth, the Club published the "Postal History of Sasso from 1796 to 1974", which contained the description of all the postmarks which were used in Sasso, te period in which they were used and the coining of 3 medals (gold, silver and bronze) for the centenary of Marconi's birth.

    On June, 2nd 1996 it was published the book written by the Club together with the Ente Poste Italiane; this book contains all the postmarks and stamps which were issued worldwide for Marconi and other important researches.

    The members of the Club are more than 60, and they come from Sasso and other cities. In 1966 Giuseppe Dall'Olio was elected President of the Club, and he still holds this position.

    Next events will be:

    Other related initiatives will be: a photographic show of prints of 20 old postcards depicting Sasso, Pontecchio, the Marconi Mausoleo and neighbouring places, "le Ville di Sasso". Moreover, the Club will take part in all the local display with its own stand.

    Bullettin #0 - September 1996

    Traduzione dall'originale a cura di
    Enza Minutella

    Publishing director: Guglielmo Giovanelli Marconi

    Editorial staff:
    Ray Minichiello, Jean-Louis Romanille, Maura Vigorelli

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