"The initiatives following one another since 1994 - says the President of the Marconi Foundation Giancarlo Corazza - are bound to involve a vast amount of persons, from scientific community to industrial entrepreneurs, from school to the layman". Big celebrating events do not concern only Bologna or Italy, but the whole world: 1995 is the European Year of the Radio, and Sweden, Canada, United States and Australia pay homage to Marconi with movies, meetings and the commemoration of his Nobel Prize in 1909 for Physics during the granting of the 1995 Nobel Prize.


The first of them is the Marconi Meeting Point, a telecommunication school promoted by the University of Bologna, that has its centre in Villa Griffone itself. Courses and lessons will take advantage of tele-didactics and will be addressed to those willing to deepen their knowledge in communication systems, willing to realize net connections for meetings or seminars, to those who will produce documentaries.

Since 1994 in Villa Griffone has been opened a center for the gathering of all the documents about radio and television of the famous Soresini Collection and of the Marconi Foundation.

During summer 1995 near the Marconi Airport has been held a show of antique radio receivers, from the beginning of radio to World War Second. There were exposed radios used by Marconi itself and the first receiver in history (the coherer using metal filing) invented by Temistocle Calzecchi-Onesti.


Besides the international meeting titled The Pioneers of the Telephone, held in Bologna in September 1993, the city has hosted a whole series of cultural events. Villa Griffone and the side branch in Cesena of the University of Bologna hosted in September the convention on Electromagnetism.

During the summer 1995 in the Congress Palace of Bologna has been held an International Forum on Telecommunications useful to the man, titled A world of voices.

In september 1995 has been held, in the Congress Center of the Bologna Fair, the XXV European Microwave Conference: it recalls the speech of Marconi in London on March the 31st, 1899, during the Conference of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, about the importance of short waves.

But the event the most expected by those who continue the work and the spirit of Marconi has been the International Radiantistic Convention in October, that saw the gathering of Hams from every corner of the world in the name and in the memory of Marconi. As side events, organized by Hams, have been held the HF-DX and Iota Conventions, and have been activated the Marconi station IY4FGM and the special station IY4OTA.


In the freeway linking Bologna to Padova, during the Marconi Centennial, will be tested a new anti-fog system. Sensors will detect weather and visibility conditions, together with other sensors that will detect traffic conditions. Data will be sent to a center which will eventually inform motorists about riscs and dangers through panels or on-board systems.

For elementary and middle schools of the Bologna district has been developed the Marconi Project, for the increase of network experiments and laboratories.

In the University of Torino, and precisely at C.I.S.I, the Marconi Celebrations gave birth to the development of a research project, together with a group of Hams, for the study of interaction of digital radio networks and cable networks. An amateur radio station named IK1XHT has been created, and its conductors specialized in digital connection techniques.

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