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Personal Letters

CAPT A. A. Ackerman, USN (Ret.) to CAPT C. C. Soule, USN, Commandant, Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, April 19, 1927 and July 3, 1927.

CAPT C. H. Harlow, USN (Ret.) to CAPT C. C. Soule, USN, April 27, 1927.

MAJGEN Field Harris, USMC to COL L. W. Whaley, USMC, Commanding Officer Marine Corps Base, Guantanamo Bay, January 5, 1945.

COMO M. L. Hersey, USN (Ret.) to RADM M. E. Murphy, USN, October 17, 1952.

ADM C. M. Cooke, Jr., USN (Ret.) to RADM M. E. Murphy, USN, November 14, 1952.

CAPT E. C. Raguet, USN (Ret.) to RADM M. E. Murphy, USN, November 24, 1952.

CAPT A. H. Miles, USN (Ret.) to RADM M. E. Murphy, USN, December 18 and 31, 1952, and January 4, 1953.


Completion Report, Contract Noy-4162, Frederick Snare Corporation, September 30, 1943.