General Von Kluck


How Things Change

General von Kluck in the London Illustrated News in 1914 : Europe trembles


from a Belgian movie magazine ('Piccolo') in 1929 : Europe cares not a whit

"The grand daughter of a well-known German general as movie star.
General-Oberst von Kluck with his grandaughter Molino von Kluck, whom we shall shortly see starring in a German moving picture."



An Irreverant View of Things

The German general who might have captured Paris in 1914 does a bit of family promoting by posing with his lovely grandaughter fifteen years later in 1929. How things change. While these two photos have nothing much to do with the Great War as such, they are a reminder that not everything works out as planned. Take the wrong route and one ends up defeated by an army in taxicabs. And afterwards there's nothing left to do but pose for a tabloid magazine.

No further mention is made of the proposed moving picture in later issues of this magazine. Perhaps it went the way of so many things during the Great Crash of 1929.