'la Grande Guerre'



from a Belgian History Magazine

Russians and Austrians fighting in a Przemysl fort,
an illustration originally by W. Gause from the November 12th 1914 issue
of the German newsmagazine 'Illustrirte Zeitung'


This is from a Belgian serial history magazine called 'La Grande Guerre'. It was a very cheaply printed magazine, from just after the Armistice in 1918 after Belgium had been liberated. Interest in the war was still very great then, especially after German censorship ended. One enterprising and enthusiastic publisher, Opdebeek in Antwerp rushed out a number of very patriotically inspired books and magazines. 'La Grande Guerre' was one such magazine. The printing quality was awful as was the paper, but that was probably due to shortages. The magazine used numerous illustrations and photos taken from all manner of sources. This particular page shows an illustration originally taken from the 'Illustrirte Zeitung', a German magazine.


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