the Siege of Przemysl
as seen by
'The Nations at War'


from an American Review

top : Russian cavalry enters Przemysl in March 1915
above : a hand colored photo showing the subsequent Russian retreat in June 1915


'The Nations at War' was an American yearly publication dealing with the events and battles of the Great War. Published during the conflict itself, it nevertheless tried to give a somewhat broader view of events than was usually found in newsmagazines and periodicals. 'The Nations at War' was profusely illustrated and even though news agency photos was the main source, of illustrations, the publication managed to give a somewhat different offering than was usually encountered in similar European publications and magazines. Here follows a selection of photographs dealing with the siege of Przemysl. Most of the photos show scenes after the German-Austrian offensive of May-June 1915 in which the city was definatively relieved from Russian occupation.


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