'the Illustrated War News'


a Picture Magazine in a New Format


'The Illustrated War News' changed format after publishing about 100 issues of the older 'little long paper' editions. While the older horizontal landscape lay-out was very suited to publishing quality large-sized reproductions of war photos, the editors apparently thought that a change was due. This new vertical lay-out was more in keeping with the norm in regards to magazine publishing and allowed for the use of more illustrations and photographs, even if they were printed in a smaller size. It was also easier to integrate text articles.

Yet in spite of all the stated advantages, this newer format was on the whole somewhat bland and uninspiring. Photos were still printed in sepia, purple, blue, green or crimson tints in rotogravure but this added little graphical appeal on the whole. Even so in spite of the new presentation, 'the Illustrated War News' was still an impressive publication, containing a multitude of photographic and illustrative material from all fronts, the British view predominating of course.


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