The Graphic


an atypical 1918 Victory coverpage


'The Graphic' was a British magazine very similar to 'the Sphere' and 'the London Illustrated News'.
Heavy on illustrative content, it was a large-sized quality publication.


The Graphic Extras

coverpage of the first edition


In the early days of the war, public enthusiasm was overwhelming and it seemed as if newsmagazines couldn't print enough to keep up with public demand. 'The Graphic', like many publications on both sides of the war, published a number of special editions in which mostly old material was reprinted in album format. Even though the illustrations had already appeared in previous editions of 'the Graphic', the special editions sold well. There was also a new narrative text on the history of the war added to flesh out the publication.

Below are a few examples of artwork from the first edition of the 'Graphic Extras' from 1914.

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left : British general French arrives at French headquarters
right : French troops retiring from Charleroi

left : where the Zeppelin dropped its bombs on Antwerp on August 25th, 1914
right : a wounded Belgian infantryman - painting by Frank Dodd



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