Jean Droit : l'Infanterie Nouvelle


This series of 10 drawings by french lieutenant Jean Droit was published in l'Illustration in 1918. It is entitled 'L'Infanterie Nouvelle' (the new style infantry) and is probably meant to be a tribute to the prowness and determination of the french infantryman. Indeed the soldiers we see portrayed here are a far cry from the red-pantaloon and red kÚpi uniformed troops of 1914. These are illustrations of the modern French soldier, battle-hardened, tough and well-equipped with the most up-to-date weapons.

Somewhat ironically or perhaps even intentionally, the classical style of these excellently executed drawings is reminescent of Albrecht Durer's 16th century drawings of German knights.

See also the following drawings of uniforms by Lt. Jean Droit from L'Illustration




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