Andre Leynen

1888 - 1984


Soldiers fishing behind the lines


André Leynen was a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and had an artist's studio in Nieuport since 1908 where he became proficient in producing land- and seascapes. In 1914 as member of the Belgian 'Garde Civique' he fought at the Siege of Antwerp. He later escaped via the neutral Netherlands and volunteered for the Belgian army in Great Britain. He was a despatcher at first and later transferred to an artillery unit. In 1916 he was seconded to the 'Section Artistique' and exposed his work at an Exposition of Belgian War Art in Switzerland. Afterwards in 1917 he was once again transferred back to an artillery combat unit.

Several of André Leynen's watercolors were used as headings for writing-paper sold as benefit for the 'Asiles des Soldats Invalides Belges'. 5 of these works are in the following gallery of illustrations.


portrait of André Leynen


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Carrying Soup to the Troops at Nieuport

The Last Bridge on the Western Front



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