A French-Alsatian Artist

a Love for France

From a 1918 issue of 'L'Illustration' :
Hansi comments upon the needlessness of a plebicite to determine the status of Alsace-Lorraine.


The 2 illustrations were printed in the same issue of 'L'Illustration' and are titled 'An Alsatian Village - on the 4th of August 1914 during the German Occupation' and 'The Same Village - on the 10th of August, 3 Days after French Occupation'.

In the one we see an oppressed and thoroughly miserable native population under the brutal heel of the German army, in the second we see a joyous and thankful local population giving thanks to the liberating French forces. In the following enlargements we see on the left of each double illustration opposed scenes of life under German rule and then on the right of life under French government, all according to Hansi of course.


On the left boys and girls are under the whip and birch of German teachers.
On the right pupils cheerfully sing under French tutelage.

On the left scenes of life under the Germans :
priests are deported and soldiers read ordanances to children
On the right, soldiers and tradesmen drink to each other's health
and youngsters volunteer for the French army

On the left more scenes of woe under German rule.
On the right we see joyous tiding everywhere.

A family is deported under guard of German soldiers

The whole family drinks to the health of their French liberators.

A Joke of Sorts.
Under German Rule : 5000 marks Reward for the Capture of Hansi