Georges Redon


a Moral Education for French Youngsters

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right ; a Territorial telling a tale of the war


'Aux Enfants qui seront la France de Demain' (To the Youngsters Who Will Constitute the France of Tomorrow) was a large-sized publication illustrated and written by French artist Georges Redon. It was published by the 'Society for Economic and Social Studies' and was meant to be a short illustrated treatise in moral education for the youth of France. The central theme is of course the Great War and of the heroism and altruism of the soldiers of France and their Allies. The texts accompanying the finely executed illustrations are short but to the point and insist upon the duty of all French youngsters to appreciate the sufferings and patriotism of their parents, both the father for joining the colors and living in appalling conditions at the front and risking death and disfigurement and for the mother as well, who stays behind at the hearth, lonely and heart-broken, but devoted to husband and family.

While the message is one that essentialy cannot be argued with, all in all the book is a very somber and sentimental reflection on the duty of youngsters towards their elders in time of war. It is hardly uplifting reading for children or adolescents, but in keeping with the spirit of the times, the illustrations are graceful and charming.



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