Francois Flameng
1856 - 1923

A French Artist at War

A Machine-Gun Company of Chasseurs Alpins in the Barren Winter Landscape of the Vosges.


In this section you will find a collection of illustrations having to do with combat,
soldiers and the home front during the Great War.

portrait of Francois Flameng
For a short biography see : 'The Landscapes of War'


(of modern-day books)
'La Premiere Guerre Mondiale Vue par les Peintres' by Frédéric Lacaille (pub Citédis 1998) ISBN 2-911920-11-2
'The Western Front Illustrated 1914-1918' by John Laffin (pub Suttin Publishing Ltd 1991) ISBN 0-7509-1438-6

Images of War

Illustrations by Francois Flameng
taken from issues of the French newsmagazine L'Illustration
In order to do justice to Flameng's work, please note that these files are rather large in size
Therefore (down) loading make take a while.
Attacking Across No-Man's Land (2 illustrations)
Monsters of Steel (2 illustrations)
Our British Allies 1 (2 illustrations)
Our British Allies 2 (2 illustrations)
Les Boches (1 illustration)
Knights of the Air (5 illustrations)
Verdun (2 illustrations)
The Message (1 illustration)
Victory Parade (1 illustration)


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