The Brialmont Fortifications



a pre-war map of the inner ring of 1860 fortifications and redoubts

a pre-war map showing the second ring of Brialmont fortifcations around Antwerp

A pre-war view of one of the monumental city gates.
These were part of the inner-most ring of Brialmont fortifications, built in 1859-65.
By 1910 their military value was considered to be nihil and their demolition had already been decided upon.
In 1914 they were still in use, but this line of fortifications played no part in the fight for Antwerp.
These forts were however quite useful as barracks and depots.

Aerial view of Fort Duffel

Postcard of Germans on the cupola of the destroyed Fort Lierre

One of the Antwerp forts after the battle

Fort Wavre Ste. Catherine after the bombardment


Most of the second and third ring of Antwerp fortifications are still in existance and are used for a variety of functions, from army depots to university buildings, commercial warehouses and community centers of all kinds. One of the Antwerp forts, Fort Breendonck, was used as a concentration camp during World War II and can be visited as museum and historical monument. If you are interested in viewing one of the outer Antwerp forts that is still in a good state of preservation, then you should visit this website for further information : Fort van Liezele. Much of the fort has been restored by a historical society and work continues.