Illustrations from a German Magazine


'Der Krieg 1914-15 in Wort und Bild'

coverpage of 'Der Krieg'
left : the weekly war-time edition / right : the post-war bound edition


'Der Krieg 1914-15 in Wort und Bild' ('the War of 1914-15 in Word and Illustration') was much like British and French serial history publications dealing with the Great War. Each week or fortnightly as the case might be, an issue would be published. When all the issues were bound together they made for a handsome and impressive addition to anyone's library. Such publications were usually lavishly illustrated, and 'der Krieg in Wort und Bild' was no exception. Though the same cover was used on the outside for the weekly editions, inside a new 2 page sized color print was included as well as many other sepia toned illustrations and photographs. The color prints were very eye-catching and well executed, made by very talented and accomplished German or Austrian illustrators and artists. By the end of the war, the double-page color illustrations were reduced in size to a singleapage and were as often as not not printed in true color.

The entire collection of magazines was reprinted after the war in a 3 volume bound edition.

In the following links we present a small sampling of artwork taken from 4 issues of 'Der Krieg' from the early days of the war.



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