'Belgian Prisoners in German Captivity'


in Zossen Prisoner-of-War Camp

German publications delighted in showing photographs of the many numerous Allied nationalities as prisoners of war
It is almost as if they were showing off a prized collection of collectibles


'Cinq Mois de Captivité' (Five Months in Captivity) is a small Belgian booklet printed in early 1915 describing conditions in the Zossen prisoner-of-war camp near Berlin. Many Belgian soldiers were sent there during their time as prisoner of war in Germany. This book, written by a Belgian was meant to reassure the Belgian public, and especially the family and relatives of Belgian prisoners, that despite their misfortune at being captured, they were at least well-treated and accorded every possible civilized treatment befitting prisoners-of-war.

The book contains a number of photographs and fascimile reproductions of camp newspapers, announcements and 'gala' dinners and does its best to show things in a favorable light. It should be remembered that the bok was published in Brussels under German censorship and could therefore hardly be expected to be overly critical of conditions.


left : coverpage showing French and Belgian soldiers under German guard
right : several views of the Zossen camp



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