La Belgique Heroique et Martyre



King Albert


In a previous section we have shown a number of illustrations taken from a cheaply printed post-war Belgian publication called 'La Belgique Héroique et Martyre' (Heroic and Martyred Belgium). It was printed weekly immediately following the Armistice as can be noted from the subject matter and because it was still restricted to censorship by the authorities. In the previous section we have shown a collection of illustrations having to do with atrocities and crimes committed in Belgium against the civilian population.

Here we show a number of illustrations having to do with soldiers and combat. The drawings are at times primitively done, but are quite effective and evocotive nonetheless. Sometimes they are copied from photographs, as obviously is the case in the above portrait of King Albert. Usually however they are original renderings of episodes pertaining to the Belgian Army. The stories are intensly patriotic, sometimes almost absurdly so, but were no doubt a reflection of the prevailing attitude amongst the Belgian population.

The paper and printing quality are atrocious and undoubtedly reflect war-time shortages conditions.


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King Albert and Marshall Joffre


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