Revue de la Presse
Revue Hebomadaire de la Presse Francaise



two special editions featuring war-time cartoons and photos


French translation of 'Fighting in Flanders'
by American journalist E. Alexander Powell


'La Revue Hebdomadaire de la Presse Francaise' (Weekly Review of the French Press) was a Belgian war-time magazine which published abstracts of the week's leading news articles from French news sources. As such it was probably more of a professional review rather than a news-stand magazine. It contained few if any illustrations or photos, but several special editions were published containg nothing but photos or war-time cartoons. American journalist E. Alexander Powell's engrossing book ('Fighting in Flanders') about his experiences as a correspondent for the 'New York World' during the siege of Antwerp in 1914 was also published in French translation in several special editions by this magazine.

In 1917, the magazine changed names to become 'Revue de la Presse' but remained the same in regards to content and style. Layout and cover style were changed several times, of which we show several examples above.

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