'1914 Illustree'


a Weekly Belgian Magazine Published under German Occupation


'1914-Illustré' was a newly created Belgian weekly newsmagazine, meant to deal with the events of the Great War. Not long after the first issues appeared however, Brussels where the magazine was printed and published, was occupied by German troops and henceforth the magazine was published under German censorship. That was not the same as being published by the German authorities themselves, for the editors of '1914 Illustré' just like other Belgian magazines, liked to go as far as possible in taunting and ignoring the new regulations governing civilian publications. That is why at first glance it is difficult to judge if this magazine was printed in occupied or none-occupied territory. It contained a large number of photos showing Belgian and Allied soldiers as well as numerous views of devasted cities and landscapes in Belgium.

Often though, large portions of the magazine was evoted to inoculous articles on travel to foreign and exotic countries or else to matters of art and litterature. The photos dealing wit the Great War however are quite excellent, not the usual run-of-the-mill news agency material.

Originally named '1914-Ilustré', in the course of the war the magazine needs be changed names several times into '1914 1915-Illustré' and so on.

a photo of the sales office of '1914 Illustré' in Brussels during the war

left : coverpage of the first issue - published before German occupation of Brussels
right : American minister to Belgium, Brand Whitlock



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